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Where do I buy stamp papers in Bangalore/bengaluru ?

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stamp paper karnatakaNo more stamp papers at banks

They Stop Printing After Delays In Implementation Of E-Stamp Project; Pilot Scheme Proves A Success, But Malleswaram Presents Problems

S Kushala | TNN

Bangalore: Stamp papers are off banks’ shelves. Nationalized banks that issued stamp papers of smaller denominations have stopped printing the same and will sell only till they exhaust existing stock.
Thanks to the delay in implementation of the much-hyped e-stamping scheme, banks have finally said goodbye to the government. Now, documents can be stamped at sub-registrar offices. Stamp paper vending has been officially stopped by banks from October. According to a communication to the stamps and registration department, there will be no more fresh printing of the papers.
“Banks will not print stamp papers and will clear the stocks. We have made alternative arrangements to supply stamp papers at sub-registrar offices. A stamp certificate will be given for the money deposited which will act as a stamp paper till we introduce e-stamping,” inspector general of registration and commissioner of stamps K R Niranjan told
The Times of India.
After the Telgi stamp paper scam, four banks — State Bank of Mysore, State Bank of India, State Bank of Hyderabad and Corporation Bank — were authorized to sell stamp papers in the denominations of Rs 20, Rs 50 and Rs 100. SBM used to issue a large number of stamp papers. These stamp papers of lesser value are used for writing agreements, affidavits and mortgage deeds.
According to SBM officials, the government had requested the bank to print stamp papers up to March 2009 since the proposed e-stamping had to get rolling. When that did not happen, the bank was asked to continue issuing stamp papers from April to June, which was further extended till September.
The banks need three months to print the papers since it’s a high security risk job.
Sub-registrar offices open separate desks to issue stamp papers, but they’re not the formatprinted ones You take the deed document (agreement or affidavit printed on a white sheet of paper), pay the amount (Rs 20, Rs 50 or Rs 100) and get it stamped An acknowledgement is given and the deed is duly sealed; this makes for a stamp paper The seal is put on the printed document to ensure the stamp paper is not misused Department wants to set up additional estamping counters
Rs 20 denomination stamp papers are most sought after; Rs 100 is revenue grosser From 2008 till date: 2.6 crore sheets of Rs 20 denomination stamp papers sold, Rs 52.04 crore collected; 2.3 crore sheets of Rs 50 stamp paper sold, Rs 118 crore earned; 1.83 crore sheets of Rs 100 stamp paper sold, Rs 183 crore collected
SHCI, J C Road (22995236/46/49) SHCI, Koramangala (25529149/50) SHCI, Jayanagar (26991060/62) SHCI, Malleswaram (23461225/23560525) SRO, Gandhinagar SRO, Shivajinagar SRO, Jayanagar Advocates Association Office, City Civil Court


This was the old post. Dont read below it is – OLD NEWS:

Sad state of affairs at bengaluru. You only get stamp papers from State Bank of Mysore. So, go to their web site and look out for the branches which sell stamp papers.

They normally have fixed timings and Rs50 and Rs 100 are unavailable most of the times and the window to get the stamp papers is generally between 9am -11.30am- so get their early.

The branch in Majestic will however have all the stamp paepers but be prepared for the serpentine queues and long wait times before you can fill the challan and get your stamp paper.

Do not know why they have not started e-franking the stamp papers. It is a pity that in Bangalore everything is lethargic. High time authorities wake up. IG of stamp  & registration should do something to not waste so many peoples time. Wonder what he is doing in office – must be a very busy official saving the Universe ?

“All sub-registrar offices allow for official endorsement, the alternative to stamp paper,” -Ha Ha Dont rely on this because they will guide you to another office. Any complaints? Contact the inspector general on 2210246 or email:

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How to cut Jackfruit ?

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jack fruitCheck if the white, gummy latex flows from the jackfruit stalk when the slightly underripe fruit is harvested.

howtocutjackfruit_what you will need

You will need some cooking oil and a sharpened knife to cut the jack fruit. All through out make sure you donot lose focus. Else you will cut your fingers.

howtocutjackfruit_split it at the centre

Make a cut at the centre and run the blade all along the jack fruit. The centre of the fruit is a bit tricky and you will need some strength to cut through. Split the jack fruit open. howtocutjackfruit_clean the gum at the centre using stickThe ripe fruit is somewhat laxative. Clean the latex or gum from the centre using a stick. Roatate the stick and the gum will come off. This is important because it causes digestive ailments and diarrhea. It is the raw, unripe fruit that is astringent and indigestible. Mix the gum or latex with vinegar and you can heal a snake bite. howtocutjackfruit_chop the end of each fruitNext remove the bulbs carefully by choping off the gum at the tip. The threads that are used for making chips can also be removed. Be extra careful with the knife.

Voila. You have cut your first jackfruit. Wasn’t that easy ? They say that each jackfruit tree produces 150 – 500 fruits annually and is useful during morning hangovers – “useful in overcoming the influence of alcohol on the system.”

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World Environment Day!! — Go Green

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Your Planet needs you  — UNite to combat Climate Change

Wondering what it is ?? — It is the theme for WED – 2009 …..  Read the rest HERE

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on 5 June in more than 100 countries. The theme for 2009 is climate change and the broader consequences of environmental change, and what societies can do in response.

Combating climate change and preserving ecosystems services that underpin our economies is an issue for everyone.

 Every individual’s efforts, no matter how small, can contribute to the sustainable development of our economies and communities around the world.

On this day, individuals, non-governmental organizations, community and youth groups, business, industry and the media organize activities such as clean-up campaigns, tree planting, colorful street rallies, green concerts, essay and photo competitions in schools, and recycling efforts to renew their commitments to protect and develop the environment.   

Being a ‘Namma Bengaluru’ person it aches me to be a witness to the disaster Bengaluru has plunged into. Once known as Garden City, Bengaluru has seen rampant loss of greenery in the name of development.

In recent times, India’s tech hub has lost around 50,000 trees, which were felled to widen roads choked with traffic, build flyovers at busy road intersections, road underpasses and now metro rail, states a report Environmental NGO

According to another report,  During the early 1990s, the city had less than 700,000 public vehicles plying on its roads daily.

By the end of 2004, the number had crossed 2.1 million and in the last four years two million more cars, three-wheelers and two wheelers have been added to the city roads.  

On an average, around 1,500 new vehicles come on to the city roads daily.

The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) carries three million people – 48 percent of the city’s population – in its 5,000 buses every day. The BMTC buses constitute only one percent of the total vehicles in bengaluru

Oh well  ….. I  am not sitting here writing the reports  … It’s really pathetic … I need change …. Only thing I keep wondering is  ” Can I be the change I want “

Guys keep asking yourselves the same thing……. May be we can Save “Namma Bengaluru”  & any other city like this to ” Namma – Next generation ”


SEEK  the Change & BE the Change ….