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Father — Begining of the world?? OR End of the world??

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Surprisingly neither is  true!!…… knowing my prattle all the while,  I know you guys will read this on too…..

Father — A Big name in a kid’s world ……. especially that little princess who is mostly protected by the ” First Hero ”  of her life ….  all her young years …. Lots of studies have revealed the fact that a father-daughter relationship has the biggest impact on het future partner ….

But ignorant to this fact Mother is given the highest pedestal in a child’s upbringing …… Its such a myopic  misconception we have in our family lives that father is  ONLY the bread winner of the family & thus becomes the  ” Role Model” only to the boy kids assuming  they are going to don the same mantle in the years to come…… and a father is just not expected to know of  Teddy bears / Doll houses / Barbie dolls — of their own dainty little doll ……..

A father’s right care can make that  ” Fragile” girl  really confident to face the realities of the world!! ……… Can U believe Nehru being a forced ” Absent father ” kept in touch with Indira Priyadarshini [ Yeah ….  Our Indira Gandhi ] with a lot of letters he kept writing to her from all over the world… from the prison too…. [ All of them have been compiled into a book ” Glimpses of World History ” ]

A girl keeps observing her Dear old Dad always… funnily enough an ‘ absent father ‘ also!! …

Wondering what it is ?? Read all about  types of father in this link  ” TYPES OF FATHERS “

Ironically what ever is the kind of father a girl has she continues to “Seek”  out to a man who is te replica of her Daddy no matter what he is / was …. this psychology is what makes the presence of a ” Right ”  Daddy in a girl’s life more essential…. But again not all are Lucky!!

It is also proven fact that a girl who does not get father’s care becuase of the way he is or because of the absence of a father in her life has her Marital Life doomed from the begining ….. unless a great care and counselling is given by the mother right from the begining …. imbibing the true/strong values of a father even if you did not have one!!!

A father needs to own up the daughter …… alive or dead ….. yeah dead… as the mother will be the true mirror of what the father was and thus father becomes the reason for the whole behavioral pattern of a girl especially her interactions with the men of her life….. and essentially the most important person of her life ….. the husband!! and of course KIDS of her life!!

Even as you read this, your child may be seeking attention elsewhere.  If you aren’t there for the child, you are losing a battle you aren’t even fighting.  Your child  could be seduced by the fantasies portrayed on television.

As a father, you have more power to influence your child than anyone else on earth.  I do not mean discount mothers.    Atleast mothers try & make the attempt, many fathers don’t.   Onevshould be a father who takes an interest in every aspect of your child’s life.  This can be done  only through being there for the child.

The day of the gruff and distant father needs to be put to rest.  If nothing else, a child needs someone to talk to that he/she can trust.   Fathers should take this role most seriously. 

Why am I thinking…….. all these???  …… I had a great Dad too….. But now all broken thoughts……..

Comments?? Please do not Its just an journey in to self…..



Indian Independence …. 60 Years!!

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As seen through the Innocent Eyes of India…… Best ever ad I have seen so far… …… Great conceptualization….

I am sure you guys agree with me!! well if you do not..  Its OK … Thats my opine after all…….

“Nishabd” is word less????

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 Hats off to Ramu … again He knows how to encash on the human turmoil….  Nishabd……. Some love stories are never meant to be understood!!!

Trust me Ram Gopla Varma ‘s  ‘Nashabd’ has nothing to do with Silence…..but it screams loads of Oomph of Jiah Khan…… Man!!   she is one seductress in great shape!! The still photography  is so captivating that you come out of the theatre  with that picture of her Lips open invitingly … and eyes closed enough to melt your knee!!

Ram Gopal Varma  is a genius in capturing human emotion on Silver screen … It is a potent mixture to have Big B on the cast and fresh , Wild & Sizzling Jiah[ without making bit of noise … hey is that Nishabd??!] 

Its a treat to eyes to see the sprawling greenery of the tea estate and great clouds hovering on the horizon to bring out the romantic in you!! Great work of the Cinematographer.

Though the movie has a great opening and gets to the core of the tag line without beating around the bush!! taking the audience through turbulence of family drama…. but halted!! suddenly at that!!! atleast I think so……second half was dampening….

What to look out for??????  Maturity of the daughter…Revathi is good too!! Best of all is the Gr8 B himself……he emotes well.. Hey that does not mean I ignore Jiah for a while too… she’s great!!! for a debutante!!!

Movie may not be a hit in the box office..You know what ???People do not want to  see what happening  everyday in their Home Sweet Home…Hmmm Am I rgt???…  ” Take Light”

What I liked most is the ending sentence that Bachchan makes…..” I want to die every day.. but I come bck thinking of living few more days with her memoirs!! ” Isn’ that great!!?????

My dream

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Dreams are never a bad trip….. I have this dream place.. Australia.  One day I want to be here!!

I do not know anything about this place I am clueless as to how I would go about making this happen But only thing I am damn sure is one day!! one fine day I  am there  😉

Now that’s what I call my blind dream ………….

Things I enjoy..

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Ha ha  ha …

Now U  r eager rgt…

this is another monster ….. No doubt.

I love rain… riding my bike in the rain, can make me sweetest person.. though I hav shed lots of tears in the rain…..

I love flowers….Fresh!!.. U know wht I love them . but it finally gives me a sick feeling… to remember they r cut….. may b they could hav lived longer unplucked….

I love empty feeling nature can give U …. hav you ever sat on a sea-shore alone…  gone walking into the woods???U’ll surely know wht I mean….

 I love kids laughter / smile in their sleep ..[They say … Kids would smile whn they r playing with Angels]

I love cleaning….. Now don’t call me Doormat/ Maid… It just makes u feel great….U should b lik me to njoy  🙂  … U must know..Place 4 everything..’n everything in its place!!

I love Cooking….Hmmmm….I can sure make people lick fingers!! Hey ..No dirty thinking..I said after food!!

I love white… anything ….grey hairs too… not a worry!!!

I love Books…. Not all though.. Not just a man’s best friend !! I can say I find a friend in a  book.

I love small gestures of kindness……

I love kids gurgling…..

I love the peace whn I talk to god!![ Boss I do not pray]……..

DO I  love shopping??? [ hmmm all women do!!]

I love open spaces!! Lots of fresh air …loads of nature no one to bother u….

I love Mothers!!! [ Just not Mine] …they say ….God knew he could not b everywhere  so he created Mothers!!! but for me……. he made a Father!!!!

I love being an individual…. Thts the root cause of all this!!! 😉

I admire talent !!! I can smell one whn it is close by!!

I love people with assertiveness…..U know again close to “walk the Talk”….

I LOVE MYSELF……. Who else should???

God.. Duty calls!!! catch  u later… I mean add up further… Simply..selfish???? what say???


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Child hood has loads of dreams…… there were times I thought Hindi movies show family life……but yeah I was living in family too which had no such attributes…..Kids get  influenced by  parents their behaviour ..their atttudes

Mine was a shattered dream….. rgt frm childhood there was this ” I do not belong here” feel was always there I still fail to understand.. y??

I hav heard big talks lik ‘ You should enjoy what u do…’ Such crap…

If all those visionaries had liked what they did b4 running blind after their dreams I guess world would not hav seen any growth .. and competition would hav lost its meaning….

Then I again return to my age old question ” what am I doing” Some thing is always wrong…

Any answers??