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Wife is always right !!!!!!!!!!**

Posted in 498a, Divorce !!!, wife is always right by nagaje on May 20, 2009

To prove my point even the Indian supreme court has said it. read the news here.

People – do not mess with women and their rights !!!!!! The women have arrived on this planet.

Some men having trouble with Indian laws and you can read it here: and and all they did was fight with their wives.

Madras University Migration certificate

I recently went to get my migration certificate from Madras University, chepauk, Chennai. Here is the procedure to get yours without too much tension.

1. Get an application form from Public relation officer costs Rs. 25 from University of madras counter.

2. Fill the form with register number, details and attach Rs. 100 Demand draft from a nationalized bank. After you get DD sign and write your register number and name on the back of the demand draft.

3. Attach copy of degree certificate, self addressed postage of RS 25 for speed post with your address written on the envelope.

4. Submit by registered post acknowledgement due or submit in university DD section for faster response. Use the address mentioned in the application form and also add controller of examinations along with Registrar like this –


Registrar/Controller of examinations, University of Madras, Chepauk, Chennai -600005.

5. Wait for next 45 days and check your mail periodically.

6. If you have trouble getting your certificate, check with the tapal section or mail return section which is on the left side if your certificate has been undelivered. They will verify if they have received it.


If you do not get your migration certificate – then you have a problem. If you are a BE student like me from eons go to certificate section on ground floor and submit your details. In an hour or 2 they will get back to you with a dispatch number and dispatch date.

Take the dispatch number and date to the university post office and ask them to give you the Speed post number.

Take the number and type in in

Make a complaint at and check your status with the complaint number you get after giving complaint at if you face any problems.

You will know where your certificate is buried.

Another way to find out if the University is troubling you is to file an RTI seeking details of action taken report and escalating to meet the Assistant Registrar. If he refuses make a complaint on him through registered post to registrar. I was one of the victims you went around for more than 6-8 months checking with India Post et al. Most likely the university mail return section and certificate section play fraud and not the postal authorities. They don’t want to digitize or make it electronic. University of madras has computers for only showcasing but all the paper work is done by entry into registers and they insist on a small bribe to get you your information which is there job. Hail the Red tape. Don’t budge – make sure you do not pay and insist on status. If more people complain they will have to digitize and not make students run around. This is reality ! Do not know why they have to make so many entries. Wonder what the Registrar (University of Madras ) is doing ? He must be busy saving the world.


In case all these fail – write an affidavit and get another form and submit for duplicate migration certificate with double the fees i.e RS 250 DD.

If that is lost then postal office lost letter or a  declaration of the certificate to the effect that the original Migration Certificate issued to the candidate has been lost irrecoverably and that it has not been utilized for the purpose for which it was issued may also be accompanied by the application. Difference between Transfer certificate and Migration certificate and why colleges require at time of admission?

(a) Migration certificate* is from the University last attended indicating that he has passed qualifying examination from another University.

Transfer certificate is required/ waivable by college against students dues to college, conduct, community, caste details etc., See below what it really means.

(a) leaving or transfer certificate signed by the Principal of the College or equivalent authority of the University last attended and certifying to the satisfactory conduct of the student mentioning the highest examination he/she has passed, and:
(b) a certified copy of all the entries against his name in the enrollment register of University if such a copy is obtainable.

 Good luck and donate some money to charity for this information. 🙂