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Frankie And Johnny – Some dialogues I liked …. from the movie…

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Confession time……………..  On my first day, I stole some of your tips.

I know. But you put it back the next day.

I was broke. I was really broke.

I’m really glad things are working out for you, you know.


– I wish you all the best.

– Thanks.

You’re not stopping me, I’m stopping me. I love you.

But I’m so scared. So scared you are going to retreat back. You know …..that place …. you’re so comfortable with, that place where nobody can find you.

That’s why I’m coming on so strong.


My wife remarried, she lives in the suburbs.. Beautiful house. Nice. I could never have provided them with anything like that.

I got there, there were my kids, playing on the lawn. I didn’t get out of the car, you know. I just couldn’t…

They looked so happy and all. They got so big. Looked like somebody else’s kids.

I just drove away.

It’s like I lost them, that’s how I feel.

You haven’t lost them, you’re just not ready.

If I ever get another pet, it’ll be a dog. Something you can hold.

I want to kill myself when I think I’m the only person in the world and that part of me that feels that way is trapped inside this body that only bumps into other bodies without connecting to another person in the world trapped inside of them.


We have to connect. We just have to.

Some of us have problems. Some of us have sorrows.

People like you’re so busy telling us what you want you don’t notice the rest of us who aren’t exactly singing Yankee Doodle Dandy.

They made love and for maybe one whole night, they forgot the million things that make people think “I don’t love this person, “I don’t like this person, I don’t know this…”


Instead, it was perfect and they were perfect and that’s all there was to know about it.

Only now, she’s beginning to forget all that and maybe he’ll forget it, too.

I am. I’m afraid.

I’m afraid to be alone, I’m afraid not to be alone.

I’m afraid of what I am, what I’m not,

What I might become, what I might never become.

I don’t want to stay at my job for the rest of my life but I…I’m afraid to leave.


And I’m just tired, you know, I’m just so tired of being afraid.


Gone with the wind!! ……. It kept adding the courage to Live!!

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Margret  Mitchell is a great author …… This was the only novel  published during her lifetime, and it took her ten years to write it. This novel won her Pulitzer Prize in 1937 … supposed to have sold more copies than any other book except Bible….. close to 30 million copies sold….

The book was almost titled quoting the end line,  “Tomorrow is another day”; but the publisher at the time noted there were several books close to the same title, so Margret was asked to find another title that became, ” Gone with the Wind “, which again is a monologue in the book where the main characters wonders … if her home was also had ” gone with the wind which had swept through Georgia” ….  but finds that her home stood as tall her courage.

With such an accolade, movie based on this book should be equally worthy and that’s what is ” Gone with the Wind ”  for you….. really a long movie almost 3 hrs 45 mins of your day 🙂 if you are set to watch ……. nonetheless  not a movie to miss.

It has lot more feathers to add to its cap …..  Read about the awards galore here —- Awards

Movie is a Romantic drama set during  American Civil War & its Reconstruction  … Movie opens in to the opulent back drop of cotton plantaion & the idyllic life of the rich & wealthy with parties and gossip .

The strory is woven around the protagonist Scarlett O’Hara who is charm  personified … but as the movies rolls you can clearly see she is epitome of solid mental strength and she tries her best not to be a weakling while batling through life….

As most of Love stories the plot unwinds with strong emotions like treachery, jealousy , conceit ,deciet,  infidelity , betrayal, passion …….. at the same time it also brings the naked macabre scenes of gruesome death and blood of wartime tyranny and the compassionate selfless help that was expected of people… best part, how the royalty coped with it….

Scarlett an vivacious spirit infatuated with a man  [ Who is deeply in love with another girl ] tries to snatch him with her wiked charm…… and just to begrudge him gets married to another friend….. loses him at war time and tries to find every reason to dance & party unable to cope up with widowhood…..Looks after a girl she despised during war… becomes a volunteer to serve wounded soldiers…. when the  war  drains her she longs to go home…. and wishes her home ‘ Tara’ is not  burnt down in the fire of the yankee war…

She sets on a long journey saving a young mother with the infant to her home  to be greeted by the barren land and what is left of home from the fury of the  war …. with most of the slaves gone… Mother dead… father demented… sisters sick with typhoid….. she puts her heart and soul to make home a place to live for for all f them….. she tries to desperately profess her love again… but realises she has lost it now because of the baby …… To save her home from taxes she also proposes to become mistress… But eventually cons her sisrer’s fiancee to marry her and gets hold of the business he was running & makes it more profitable…….. Loses this husband also in an mishap…..

Finally Settles down with a man she begrudgingly acknowledges for wealth & passion ……. Life seems all good as the husband lets her have the best of everything … her home Tara put back into life… has a beautiful child .. great society life again……

For once her husband will be the best one any girl could wish for … but for their own confusions in the past, both can not openly declare the true love and keep daring each other…. She loses her child and the husband grief stricken by the loss … blinded by the doubt he has always on her old flame….. Leaves her for ever without caring the love she confesses ll along leaving Scarlett alone again … in her life that she Resorts to her original strength ……… her Home TARA…..  Hoping Tomorrow would b another day… that would get her love back!!!


A great movie ….. I could not tear my eyes off the screen all along…. You bet worth your time!!!


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Banaras [ Kaashi ] — A logical end to Hindu life??

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No place in the world is associated with Religion & Death simultaneously as Benaras / Banaras / Varanasi / Kaashi …. Every Hindu wants end his life’s journey in the abode of Lord Shiva …. Having a good death is as important as having good life….. That is  ” Kaashi “  for you in two justified sentences ….

” Banaras ”  Movie also sends same intensity of thoughts as you really get into the movie…. though it is just portrayed as “ A Mystic Love story ”

Pankaj Parashar has handled the story with utmost sensitivity as the topic deserves ….. the background score by Surender Sodhi is great… Banaras has been Mystically and beautifully captured on celluloid by Nirav Shah. .. Dilouges have been just out of life, Natural, heart rendering by Javed Siddiqui

Urmila[ Shwethambari] the epitome of ethereal beauty has done more than justice to her role as a Love / Spiritually inclined scholar of religion ….  Dimple[ Gayatri devi] dons the role of a mother with the sophistication, her performance is out of the world when she reveals the truth in the climax  ….. None other than Raj Babbar [Mahendranath] would have done justice to the role of doting father who ignores the social restrictions for the sake and happiness of his daughter…… Ashmit patel[ Soham] is an discovery to many in this movie, who has  proven his mettle  impresses anyone tremendously.

The movie is for a sophisticated niche audience that can watch it with an open mind… as the story revolves around the caste system that still prevails in certain parts of the country…. the journey into self realisation…. supreme struggle towards life without attachments….. Conspiracy of a mother to protect her prodigy……. Revealation of sordid truth….. coming to terms with reality….. one roller coaster ride into the turmoils of human emotions….

Shwetambari, a svelte, young daughter of rich Brahmin parents,  studies science at an University in Banaras.  Soham , is a low caste mystic who teaches music at the University. When the two fall in love, hell breaks loose.

Despite of all opposition from the orthodox society …. parents finally give in and consent to the marriage …. but desiny had its own design… soham gets murdered on the day of marriage…. Shweta abondons the most coveted city Banaras …. Searching for answers she embarks into journey of introspection…. tries to detach herself from all worldy ties .. as the despair looms on her life….

The movie unfolds unexpected series of events towards the climax… when Shweta, now a world teacher in philosophy and religion returs to Benaras after 17  years  to meet her father on death bed…. fighting her inner turbulence as she denies all her attachments ….. Little does she  realize that she is going to  confront the sleeping demons and the dark secrets lying underneath erupt like a dormant volcano…… that will question the very being of  her so called Self realization……. the movie takes you to the zenith of emotions in the concluding part when she realizes her own mother was the mastermind behind the Murder os Soham…. ..

Well …… I had a good Handkerchief  to see me through the tears that was streaming through my eyes unknowingly … uncontrollably…..

Not a Movie for the masses though!!!

Cheeni Kum is Definitely NOT Sugarless…!!!!!

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Hey I saw!!! Cheeni Kum.. was long awaited movie for me in Television 😦

as I could not get to Multiplex when it was shown all around town.. I would not say I was busy..

I was expecting another Nishabd … but this was a beatiful concept so close to reality … I never knew when the movie got over….


Believe me it was Truly , Amazingly refreshing …… Though all the music Tracks are with some previous references from Kannada / Tamil [ after all Ileyaraja.. has done the score] .. they are still fresh and nice…

N balakrishna has done the best Directing though some initial pieces of movie gets repetitive… but you fail to notice it… Thanks to the Cream of Bollywood stars… The BIG B and Suave Tabu….Brilliance is the only word that can explain the dazzaling performence…. and expressions…. Dilogues were brilliant

 I started to dream my own 64 throughout the movie…..

Movie has a great mix of chracterisation…. An ‘Budda’deb .[Amitabh] who is so…strict…who gets angry.. who reacts.. so opposite to the name….

An Cute little Independent Nina [Tabu].. who can be so.delicate.. charming…

An 85 yr old Mother [ Zohra] who lives lif as though it started yesterday…

An sweet little sexy[ Swini] who could give you complex by her thoughts…

A retired disciplined….Gandhian…. Mr.Verma [ Paresh] who loves Bhojan… Bhajan.. Baaji[ Har bhajan singh].. Loves Chicken … and Lords.. for Cricket

Friends of Mr.Verma.. who enjoy Tea & Buiscuit … on his Dharna[Sathyagraha]

Awesome mix of characters….

Best Part of the movie is ……. Though it is said to be British setting all happened in Our local studio… &  Old little darling Zohra could even remember her c0-stars dilogues at that age.. Kudos….

It was a Nice way to end my hectic weekend  ……


No SMOKING…. Hits U where it hurts most!!

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If you are a movie buff … think again…. No smoking  is no movie for a thoroughbred Bollywood fan …. Either u get out of the theater after few minutes…Or if u happen to sit through the movie … u will see stars in daylight after getting out of the theater….or really PUKE….


Boss…… it is an extreme experimentaion by Anurag Kashyap and Vishal Bharadwaj…… I have seen Vishal Genre of movies I have liked them …… still,  this was a sure-shot shocking Drama .

Kashyap seems to have kept of  Non Indian classical art audience in mind for this movie……  Not any Indian movie buff would like .. this self indulgence of Anurag and Vishal….

Well I took my risk… and came out with a sick feeling in the gut… Believe me if I was into smoking… I wud have left the butt half smoked there and written  “THE END”  to my habit .. even before movie ended.


Bhool Bhulaiya……. Old Wine in New ………. :-)

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Got a weekend to spare ?? …. U like Akki ??? U could dance to Hare Rama.. Hare Krishna… and wanted to see whts the movie all about??.. U watch Bhool Bhulaiyaa !!!


I had  seen the Tamil… Channdramukhi [ Rajnikanth fame] … that got Jyothika Best actress award by Tamil nadu Govt…

I also had heard about Manichitrathazhu [ Mallu Yaar] .. that got Shobana National Award for best actress…

There is also a kannada version Apatamitra Vishnuvardhan & Soundarya  starrer But that was her last movie before her unfortunete flight accident and sad demise…….

There was no clues that Bhool Bhulaiyaa was Hindi version By Priyadarshan … But yeah Vidya has done a great Job.. as her counterparts… She even learnt Kathak for the movie!!!! 🙂

Watch the trailer here………………..

I am not sure if all can like the movie I liked it for the difference I saw in the Re-make…. its fresh!! But Comedy at its worst!!

Film had a great Opening of > 85% in box -office more so because of the Trio Aksahy, Paresh , Vidyaa. …  have done a great Job.

Shiny as usual put that sheen on to the frame but not much of work… Ameesha is as usual wasted.. xcept for losing weight…

Preetam  touches hearts when he plays chords.. Music is good  Though it sounds bit creepy everytime the Bengali score goes in the  background with ghunghuroo….[ You know what I am talking!!! ]

Akshay even sang the Hare Rama Track LIVE on the sets of  SAREGAMA.. and it was Dhamaaal..

Blue Umbrella ??

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Remember the thunderous applause ‘Omkara’ received ??? yeah the same … of  ‘ Beedi ‘ fame……..walked away with great awards list!! [ U can check here ]….

Now Vishal choose none other than a Ruskin bond short story to win Best children film award…

Blue Umbrella

Sweet little Debutante!! Shreya is a show snacher!! Being simply ‘ Biniya ‘………….. More so because every oneknows Pankaj Kapur is a class of his own .. when it is acting!! to add spice Gulzar  is the lyricist , what more does a movie need to get acclaimed!!

Blue Umbrella A great back drop of heavenly Himachal Pradesh … an idyllic small village with  kids having nothing much to do but entertain the whole of village where everybody knows anybody………… Biniya finds this enchanting blue umbrella too good to pass up so trades her lucky charm … her prized possession is villager’s envy.

Other hand is this rich man of the , village Shop  keeper Nandu… who wants this umbrella to add jewel to his fame!!…Tries Beg …. borrow…. steal …… principle to own it

Story unwinds here with great whirlwind of human emotions .. posession, envy, innocence, stealth, cheating,pride, guilt, insult, maddening loneliness, forgiving …. All’s well kind of End!!

Vishal has made the simple story enticingly captivating… Pankaj steals the show with his flawless performence capturing every frame adding enough Drama….Shreya stands big with maturity personified..

Vishal made ‘Makdee’ was Conspiracy …. ‘ Blu Umbrella ‘ is fresh smile …Kids sure would say Thank you Vishal uncle!!!

JiaaaaaaaH ………….as sexy as the name!!

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Jiah Khan


One Sexy babe !! Born in Newyork bought up at London.. Now trying to reign the hearts of her fans all over the world!! direct from Bollywood!!  When half of the Bollywood tries to scream I am also sexyJiah has to just open her lips for the whole world to scream …  She is the siren!!

Born on 20th of Feb ,   a Sweet Cusp of Pieces &  Aquarius  an water-air sign that talks of blend of Intelligence and emotion  …..  Their ability to break the rules and help others reach their fullest potential makes them one of the most understanding characters of the Zodiac……….They are unique and rebellious people who are driven to change the world. However, they can be shy, quiet and sometimes elusive, refusing to show their true selves. They are modest and thoughtful [Not My Opine ….. that’s  astrology  !! ]

Whatever you say She is one young [Really at 19] sex godess who knows what she wants … she is known to get her scripts completely before she accepts an Movie offer tht’s what film magazines talk of her!! She seems to have turned down an offer by the ever famous Sanjay Gadvi of ‘ Dhoom ‘ fame……. She was to even debut Mahesh Bhatt’s “Tumsa Nahin Dekha” …. as this girl found the charecter too mature for liking!!

But Finally .. when she did debut… it was a sizzling story line of 60+ with a teeneger.. and none other than the best ever voice of India Mr . Bachchan senior himself to share the screen with her … and people could not stop saying Jiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ……………..AAAAAAha  😉  Even though the Movie did not steal box-ofiice Jiah did a thunderous Step-in to Bollywood

With such a grand entrée obviously it certainly does not shock anyone that she is approved by Sallu [Aka Salman Khan] for the Prabhudeva directed Pokri … a huge sucess down south… for its Hindi version!!

The  Befitting  jewel of the crown is that she gets to star with Aamir Khan in Ghajini.. another remake from south!!

Great going Jiah … Now Thats a true launch!!! Wanna read more??? HERE

“Nishabd” is word less????

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 Hats off to Ramu … again He knows how to encash on the human turmoil….  Nishabd……. Some love stories are never meant to be understood!!!

Trust me Ram Gopla Varma ‘s  ‘Nashabd’ has nothing to do with Silence…..but it screams loads of Oomph of Jiah Khan…… Man!!   she is one seductress in great shape!! The still photography  is so captivating that you come out of the theatre  with that picture of her Lips open invitingly … and eyes closed enough to melt your knee!!

Ram Gopal Varma  is a genius in capturing human emotion on Silver screen … It is a potent mixture to have Big B on the cast and fresh , Wild & Sizzling Jiah[ without making bit of noise … hey is that Nishabd??!] 

Its a treat to eyes to see the sprawling greenery of the tea estate and great clouds hovering on the horizon to bring out the romantic in you!! Great work of the Cinematographer.

Though the movie has a great opening and gets to the core of the tag line without beating around the bush!! taking the audience through turbulence of family drama…. but halted!! suddenly at that!!! atleast I think so……second half was dampening….

What to look out for??????  Maturity of the daughter…Revathi is good too!! Best of all is the Gr8 B himself……he emotes well.. Hey that does not mean I ignore Jiah for a while too… she’s great!!! for a debutante!!!

Movie may not be a hit in the box office..You know what ???People do not want to  see what happening  everyday in their Home Sweet Home…Hmmm Am I rgt???…  ” Take Light”

What I liked most is the ending sentence that Bachchan makes…..” I want to die every day.. but I come bck thinking of living few more days with her memoirs!! ” Isn’ that great!!?????