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Mutton Biryani In Pictures

Posted in Food by nagaje on September 13, 2010

My way of making mutton briyani at home.  Get some mutton and clean thoroughly.

Use below ingredients and marinate for an hour.

Use a cooker and fry some raw spices like cardamom, cinnamon, shahjeera, biryani leaf,Star anise, Onion, Tomato, Curdetc. Make sure mutton is cooked by trying to split the piece using spoon.

Fry some onions in ghee, Keeps aside. Fry some cashews and dry grapes as toppings for your biryani.

Now take a large curry pan. Layer your partly cooked biryani rice or long grain rice with mutton or leave mutton at bottom and add some water.  Cover. Let rice cook directly with mutton.

Have it with raitha. Or simple eat it straight. Use ghee instead of oil for taste. Enjoy. Relish some good food.