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Do woman need Motherhood????

Posted in Mother, Thoughts, Woman by nagaje on March 28, 2007

How many times you meet a girl ūüėČ or a would be mother at a gyneac’s place who roll their eyes and say¬† ” We had not Planned!!”¬†¬† ¬†“Happened by Chance!!”¬†¬†” Did not take¬†Care” ” Missed the Count!! ” …. list is on…. ¬† Suprised???… Don’t be.. They may not say out Loud but ironically that is the Real bed room story!!

Motherhood ¬†is¬† supposed be high and glory of Womanhood! ¬†ūüôā But Are woman really up to it?? especially today’s generation??? Big question rgt??

On ¬†personal front I do not think I can really take care of¬†a child and make him one best Human being… I have so many ambitions myself and am stiving to cater to that and will I really be doing justice??? ¬†to a sweet new born who has only me to depend on everything will I be able to put my energies and get the cognition process of the child in the right way??? IF I can not…… then ¬†what right do I have to bring a child to the world¬†and ¬†help him grow into a monster???¬†

Today’s world we see people¬†having ¬†pausity of time to do regular chores owing to their proffesional stress and being ambitious to climb the ladder of success rest of the world takes a back seat… So where is¬† Motherhood..

No doubt you hav a mother or an co-operative mother-in-law or even a full time servent maid.. ūüôā and creche are growing in the urban area like mushrooms¬†to work like a day school.. Are we being fair to the child ??

Can we call a Mother???¬† Just becoz¬† biologically¬†you are a mamal ????¬†If one can concieve a child and be called as Mother, ¬†Thenwhy would anybody coin the phrase ” Biological Mother “¬† and it gets accepted world wide without an opposition !!!!¬† Mother needs to nurture the child .. and that is a¬†BIG ¬†responsibility….. and it start right from the day¬† you concieve !!!

¬†I happen to overhear an expecting mother say… I am so busy in the office work that I am not able to read¬† ” Baghavadgita” / Ramayan…¬† [ The great Indian epics] … In India, It is believed that expecting mother needs to read these great stories to make the child get the right values… Fine!! I get it.. it may be¬† a Myth!! There are lot of¬† who say practice YOGA……….,¬† Meditate………., Relax ……….. Be calm…….¬†abstain from alchohal Cigarette!!!¬†¬† all this are good for child brith ………..Hmm now!! that’s not a blind belief atleast ..

See you need to take motherhood resposibilities right from DAY ONE!! and how can you start neglecting after the child is born??? And if we are not capable of it !! Dare you become  a MOTHER!! You have no right!!!

Huge percentage become mothers for various reasons and that certainly is not Motherhood!! Family¬†inheritence…..Prove your Virility / Feminity!! ¬†… continue family Legacy!! List can get offensive!!! ūüôā

Now that’s a¬† thought one should seriously get into Rgt??? ūüė¶

Some thoughts on Mother!!

” When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts.¬† A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child¬† “

” A man’s work is from sun to sun, but a mother’s work is never done¬† “

” If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands? ”

” Give me the life of the boy whose mother is nurse, seamstress, washerwoman, cook, teacher, angel, and saint, all in one, and whose father is guide, exemplar, and friend.¬† No servants to come between.¬† These are the boys who are born to the best fortune.¬† “


Tourism !! Boon or Bane???

Posted in Thoughts, Tour by nagaje on March 23, 2007

India is one country which has great heritage that can be used by the tourism department to tap its potential to greater worth!


¬†No doubts about it.. its a rare find to get to see Dessert festival of Rajasthan….¬† Old city of Mandu maharashtra…. Kerala for its ayurveda….One seven wonders .. great Taj…..Boss you can not put a barrier to this list …….Such is the¬†natural¬†mine in this country!!


But these days hype is not just about the tourism alone but lots of frill added to explore the¬†better capacity of Brand India ……….In the past few decades other forms of tourism, also known as niche tourism, have been becoming more popular… Like Medical tourism…..


Medical tourism in India is one of the best options available to people across the globe. Millions come to India every year to get treated and then enjoy their recuperative holidays across India. People from different walks of life cut across America, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Europe, Maldives, Germany and numerous other countries come to India to have their treatments done with peace of mind.

Why not ?? These services are economical too and what more do you want .. When you are at Nature’s Own Lap at its rustic beauty to get rest!!!

But worry is the new trend thats being seen these days Marriage Tourism¬† ūüôā !! Raising brows?????¬† Don’t……….¬† lemm’e explain¬† !!!


¬†¬†People all over the world are finding the Palatial beauty of the bygone Indian kingdom an luring¬†¬†arena¬† to take their nuptial vows!! Oh yeah !! It becomes even more easier if either bride or groom¬† belongs to rich indian family that the Papparazzi_India¬† will ensure they track every sneeze you make and showcase in¬† the major dailies!! great isn’t !!??

Another¬† story!! ……….. Orphanage tourism !! Great celebreties across the world visit our Poor_India either at slums or at orpahanages and make a contribution to get to headlines !! We see poor kids so happy to see a¬†Phoren Face……

¬†But how far are these contributing to the growth of India in what so ever way?? We need to have a tidal wave of change and not these snippets… and¬†what I fail to understand is the larger than life blown up image of all these presented to us!!

Where are we heading?? !!! Mystery!! to look forward to!!


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Expectations ….. Old tag isn’t???

But don’t we all still stick to that inspite of knowing pretty well how much that can make relations get rusted!! I mean rusted and irrecoverable damage at that!!

Expectations start the day you are born… Shocking?? Don’t be .. Too many Whizkids in the cradle … that the expectation of the Mom & Pop – to be ‘s are really soaring high… they decide their kids future even before it gets out of the womb… Every one can not be Abhimanyu… rgt??? who learnt the trecherous plots of great war…in mom’s womb….

Going further kids face lot of high set expectations due to peer-pressure of … no…. no .. no ¬†not the kids but the parent’s counterparts !! funny isn’t ???

When the whole cognitive process is set this way.. how do one think of not having any expectations at all……. ūüôā¬† So you understand why people have expectations?? Kids grow up having loads of expectations from their parents and when they are not met up .. they turn into Rebels!! Hmmm………….. Dangerous process!! but help less……thinking!!

you rebel out of the house and obviously start looking out for the virtual parental love outside home ….. ¬†who knows might end up falling in love with some one may b Special … not always!! ūüė¶

Are you expecting me to write …… Now the expectations will end B’Coz of the new found intrest … No absolutely not… You end up having more expectations as your expectations are getting added up………… you now expect your new found intrest to play the dual role of a Parent and the Love.. hazy ??? No that’s what I feel happpens….. You end up being a nagging person….and achieve what ?? Nothing!!!!¬† absolutely….

But can we start thinking that expectations are not going to get us anything!! and then my question is do what?? You have no expectations from anyone.. and…you do what you want not living up to anybodies expectations either… So what are you living for??? No clues!!!!

I feel that was just a single thread of the complex maze of interwined emotion called expectation  !!!

 Let us be about setting high standards for life, love, creativity, and wisdom. If our expectations in these areas are low, we are not likely to experience wellness. Setting high standards makes every day and every decade worth looking forward to. 

Expecting more???? not Now !!!¬†ūüėČ

His and Hers ……….!!! Worth it???

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Most commonly seen on Wedding collection of Watches….. Bathroom towels of your hotel …. rgt??? Going further Real estate buddies are predicting the boom in apartments with two Master Bed rooms with¬† ‘ his & her realms ‘…… to look forward to!!!

¬†Sounds funny??? No it is not a Joke …. Married couples are writing new set of rules into thr wedding bliss…. With¬† number of female counterparts¬† rising in the professional rung and men who want a¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† ¬†‘ working ‘ wife………. More so with the on-site interaction work happening which¬† bridges the gap¬†between seven seas and work flow gets into the late working pattern….. People are finding¬†paucity of ¬†time to catch few winks …… let alone enjoy the Beauty sleep… You still are Lucky being single .. you can hop into bed the moment you reach home!!

Married people are facing lot of problems …. Spouse snoring….. young children ….¬† spouse waking up in the middle of the night… list goes on….. and people feel its a real bliss if you can get a mattress away from all to drop dead on bed!!!

Men .. the survey has shown are not keen on changing into these new habit of having¬†separate bedrooms for couple.. where as good percentage of women¬†feel its Romantic [I wonder!!] ¬†and helps in rekindling the affair…

U know…………..¬†¬†¬† Your Bed or Mine¬† ūüėȬ†¬† types !!!¬† Giime¬†a ¬†Break!!

With lot of women thinking on being too individualistic and are really craving for that¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† ‘ Space ‘ in the relationship I really wonder days are not far away when pre marriage arrangements include¬† finding two Apartments in a building to house the husband and wife !!

What say???

 Far fetched idea??? You never know!!

Men…. Would Stop Loving???

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Now!! Ever wonder what would happen??……..

Quite a lot of recent studies have shown that Youth of today are not ready to fall in love !! Surprised ?????? but .. appalingly fact seems to be too good to be true!!¬† Reasons???…. ..Loads of them…¬† Girls themselves too!! ūüėČ

Most of the college going youth, ¬†I am talking of the degree set!! are of the opinion that the girls prefer guys who have bike.. to take them around … Looks that can be shown off to peers… someone who can shower them with gifts galore …. Boss !!!! Do boys get tired of these things..??

Office romance is no different story……people are power and recognition hungry!! Status quo conscious etc.. So its a sure pitfall for Romance ūüė¶

Biggest dismal effect that is happening is people are getting hooked on to the wolrd’s oldest profession …….. ūüėČ Need I say it??

One of the young senior IT professional feels the Sex workers are a better way to quench the primal thirst of the human body than getting into the complex Human bonding called LOVE !!!  Sad rgt??? but candid and dismal opine!!

Whats so alluring about them that can not be sated right at home …¬† I really mean Home here¬†… as the extra-marital intimacy buds here too!!!!¬†Its an easiest option to let the feelings and the desire satisfied with no strings attached kind of relation than to expose yourself to a burning love affair that can be really burning hole into the heart!!

Youth are finding lot of heartache can be saved and life can move on on¬†their ¬†terms rather¬†than ¬†have¬† a nagging girlfriend tagging along wherever you go and whatever you want to do!! and who knows over a period of time you may find the whole thing did not ‘Click’ at all !!!

I really do not know where the Romance heading!! Any clues?? Post me  a comment!!!

“Nishabd” is word less????

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¬†Hats off to Ramu … again He knows how to encash on the human turmoil….¬† Nishabd……. Some love stories are never meant to be understood!!!

Trust me Ram Gopla Varma ‘s¬† ‘Nashabd’ has nothing to do with Silence…..but it screams loads of Oomph of Jiah Khan…… Man!!¬† ¬†she is one seductress in great shape!! The still photography¬† is so captivating that you come out of the theatre¬† with that picture of her Lips open invitingly … and eyes closed enough to melt your knee!!

Ram Gopal Varma¬† is a genius in capturing human emotion on Silver screen … It is a potent mixture to have Big B on the cast and fresh , Wild¬†& Sizzling Jiah[ without making bit of noise … hey is that Nishabd??!]¬†

Its a treat to eyes to see the sprawling greenery of the tea estate and great clouds hovering on the horizon to bring out the romantic in you!! Great work of the Cinematographer.

Though the movie has a great opening and gets to the core of the tag line without beating around the bush!! taking the audience through turbulence of family drama…. but halted!! suddenly at that!!! atleast I think so……second half was dampening….

What to look out for??????¬† Maturity of the daughter…Revathi is good too!! Best of all is the Gr8 B himself……he emotes well.. Hey that does not mean I ignore Jiah for a while too… she’s great!!! for a debutante!!!

Movie may not be a hit in the box office..You know what ???People do not want to ¬†see what¬†happening ¬†everyday in their Home Sweet Home…Hmmm Am I rgt???…¬† ” Take Light”

What¬†I liked most is the ending¬†sentence that Bachchan makes…..” I want to die every day.. but I come bck thinking of living few more days with her memoirs!! ” Isn’ that great!!?????

Love Again!!!!! …. Second time??????

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Have you ever realized the failures of second time love can be more than that of   First Love?? 

I feel so!!

People fail miserably when they try hands on falling in love Second time in Life…. Especially if the first time love has taken up long time of life……….Basically I feel Relationships are habit forming…you find it difficult to let go of everything that is attached with your first love. 

Either that the new person you are trying to fall in love for the second time must so good in all aspects or that you really start liking the person for the new habits you find in him…./ her…..

BUT What goes wrong???

I would say everything‚Ķstarting from you yourself‚ĶAsk me why?? You have been ditched or U ditched ūüėČ for a particular reason rgt?? I guess we start fishing for the same in the new person‚ĶIf you could not believe your old flame U will never even trust this new guy you will in fact hide in the corner to catch him do a small mistake‚Ķrgt??

Trust is the most important thing when it comes to Second time Falling in Love????? It requires a Herculean effort from both involved to gain trust or to trust!!

Most weird thing that a person has to face is the undying comparison.. with the first Love… You tend to keep your measuring meter always on….and God save the person you are falling in love again…

It requires a great effort to forget past, as we all tend to live in the past than in future let alone live and enjoy the present day Love …

 Now tell me how does any one expect second time love to flourish ????? Close to Impossibility.. rgt..??