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Mint(pudhina)-Pepper(kali mirch) Spicy Hyderabadi Mutton curry

Posted in Food by nagaje on July 11, 2009

This dish tastes so good because it uses the theory of “confluence of too many spices or ingredients gives a ‘donot know what it tastes like’ “. Hence, donot use dhania or other spices just because you use it for other mutton curries.


Mutton 1/2 kg(after removal of fat – so get around 650 gms) – Remove all fat from the mutton. Clean it thoroughly.

Onions – 3 medium sized; oil

8-12  full green chillies

8-10 garlic cloves and equal amount of ginger.

Mint leaves – 1 hand full leaves alone

1 TSP of pepper corns

1 TSP of salt


Grind all ingredients into a paste and marinate mutton for an hour. While grinding – use just the required amount of water so that the grinder gets going.


Now, visualise this mutton and smell it in your mind. pasting picture for easy visualisation process.

spicy mint pepper mutton andhra curry


1. Take a cooker and add 8 TBSP of oil or as required.  Add a medium cinnamon stick, 3 cloves, 2 cardamom and 2 bay leaves and 1/2 tsp of shah jeera(cumin) seeds to spice up the oil.

2. Take the marinated mutton and fry for some time(5 mins).

3. Close the lid and wait for 15-20 minutes.

4. After 20 minutes put of the stove. Leave it for 5 minutes without opening the lid.

5. Open the lid – check the mutton if it is cooked or not by pressing the stick into the mutton, and fry for an extra couple of minutes to get the required thickness of gravy.

6. Lick a little of the gravy to see if it is right and spicy.  Enjoy !