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Who stopped your growth????

Raise Your Self-esteem

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Feelings of low self-esteem may be triggered by being treated poorly by someone else recently or in the past, or by a person’s own judgments of him or herself. This is normal.

 However, low self-esteem is a constant companion for too many people, especially those who experience depression, anxiety, phobias, psychosis, delusional thinking, or who have an illness or a disability.

 To help relieve these feelings, let your friends know what you are going through. Have a good cry if you can. Do things to relax. Specially tell yourself — “I am a very special, unique, and valuable person. I deserve to feel good about myself.”

 Self-esteem, Depression and Other Illnesses

 Before you begin to consider strategies and activities to help raise your self-esteem, it is important to remember that low self-esteem may be due to depression. Low self-esteem is a symptom of depression. To make things even more complicated, the depression may be a symptom of some other illness. 

Things You Can Do Right Away—Every Day—to Raise Your Self-esteem

 Pay attention to your own needs and wants.

Take very good care of yourself.

Eat healthy foods and avoid junk foods


Do personal hygiene tasks that make you feel better about yourself

Have a physical examination every year to make sure you are in good  health.

Plan fun activities for yourself. Learn new things every day.

Take time to do things you enjoy.

Get something done that you have been putting off.

Do things that make use of your own special talents and abilities.

Dress in clothes that make you feel good about yourself.

Give yourself rewards.

Spend time with people who make you feel good about yourself

Make your living space a place that honors the person you are.

Display items that you find attractive or that remind you of your achievements or of special times or people in your life.

Make your meals a special time.

Take advantage of opportunities to learn something new or improve your skills.

Begin doing those things that you know will make you feel better about yourself

Do something nice for another person

Make it a point to treat yourself well every day


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Building Positive Attitude is Easy… Shiv Khera says…….

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The gr8 Eight steps….. as said by SHIV……… 

 #    Change Focus, Look for the Positive

#     Make a habit of Doing it NOW

#     Develop an Attitude of Gratitude

#     Get into continuous Education Program

#     Build positive Self-esteem

#     Stay away from Negative Influences

#     Learn to like things that needs to be done

#     Start yoour day with something Positive.

” If you are going to change your life, you need to start immediately ” 

 So   Start off….. 


Women R after all not from Venus…..

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It’s always assumed that women are the species from Venus!! ……. The Romance world…. Think again….. May be YES !!  for a girl its Flowers …. Gifts….. Soft Music… that gives the Romantic feeling…

but I say she knows where to draw the line….. & ….start thinking from the Grey cells… surprised??? But Ironically, that is the Truth….. 

Men can throw every other caution to wind…..  and sit brooding … though they may do it privately &  in the nights without any audience….  May be even howl like babies to sleep… They pine for their Love….They take longer time to get over their love than women…  

A study at University of Albany challenges  that its Women who aspire for achievements and are more focused than Men There are numerous Women out there who puts Career ahead to any Relationship….

Why is that so???. ……  Women are always preconceived to be recognized because of her relation to men…. Daughter … Friend…. Love….Wife….Companion….Mother…. Nobody  thinks of  women when you say  Engineer ….. Doctor….Pilot….Sepoy…

But think again …… the moment you hear … Cook ….. Maid… Nurse… Teacher….you definitely  visualize  Women….  Is that why  Women are striving to make it in their Careers???? Not in relationships???? 

Something to munch….. on…. relaxed Weekend !!!

MEN behind EVERY Single woman!!

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Every article , interview, personal notes, biographies.. Autobiogrphies.. U name .. of any suucessful MAN.,  Talks of a woman behind Her!! … … but is it not the other way also!!

Woman is by nature is a simple in the outlook but can solve the complex maze of familial problems .. can crate an havoc if she intends too !!

” Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned ” 🙂  But at the same time A woman gets compared to mother earth ,  beauty, patience … Boss U name it and she has it that is the temendous mine of virtue galore a woman has!!

A Woman goes out of her way to be good to any one by her natural behaviour  but who cahnges her… belive me  a MAN  can change her into a monster . I just do not mean in terms of cruelty but aggressiveness too!!

If she has to be a crusader their has to be a burn somewhere tht made her so… I just am not saying it has to be a burn only!!

A father can pump all his un-nurtured  goals in to his pretty princess….

A Brother can be a solid wall of support for the baby sister!!

A beautiful love can nourish her way to Glory  too!!

But with these more than reality of events .. we happen to see

A Female child getting abused !

A Girl getting demoralised against a boy….

Society too sneers at Girl born!

A girl cheated by a man goes all the way to prove her self in the most contemptuous manner…..

Two faces of the same coin.. where the girl can be nourtured!! she gets forced into proving her worth…

Just like the  fact that  A dessert bloom also looks Vibrant …. unique…with all the rough weather… as pretty as a rose nurtured !!!

Tht was just a thought of a Broken mind!!


Fear of Losing ???

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I was really concerned about the way people access blogs & info centers with this tag !! 

Looks like a large crowd out their is really bothered about “LOSING” somebody!! That somebody I am sure must be the loved one!!

Now Primarily lets understand Y this fear of Losing…

 * Believe  me when I say If you lose someone that means to say they are not meant for you at all in the first place…

* If Somebody leaves you nad goes thn there has to be a misunderstanding!! Think about IT!! Try and cear out the mess .. No matter who is the root cause!! That is Only If you value the relationship… Even after the honest patient attempt if things do not go well leave it at that Love is something that comes back to you if it is yours… else just ignore .. May be that person is not worthy of you!!!!

* Fear is  a physical state of mind that eats up the basic clarity on reason and logic… Y should you fear something?? Think of what can happen if you lose this person??? ..  I do understand its easier said than done!! But .. Its worth the attempt!!

* Lifes’s all about Change!! If you have  lost someone today.. May be you are destined to meet someone else .. and who knows he/she may be better too!!

Hey !! I Belong to this category!!  Do You???


New words!! Can not create new world !!

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Vocabulary can expand limitlessly as it is just another expression of the mankind…. Which of course is growing beyond anybodies imagination [ I meant the population]

But then if one has to be happy with the coinage like “ bangalored”…. I am surprised…Read all about the new verb here!!

 I recently happen to read one more word that was I am really not sure was the brainchild of the journalism… ”Frinitis” …Does it ring any bell?? Believe me when I read this for the first time the only word that went in across my grey cells is the  “Praying Mantis ” [ I  was a biology buff during my school days  J ] Details 😉 here 

Now you must be waiting to know the meaning of the word before my opine on it..Details????

Frinitis : Friday Night Fever: Friday night is the time to hang your boots and go wild / paint the town RED..The youth are at the mercy of numerous addictions – gaming, shopping, the much evident mobile fixation …Now the latest is a virus called Frinitis causing “Friday night Fever”.

Are we really growing…….??? Really!!

Take your road to heaven !!!!!

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How many of us are happy with our jobs???……Le’mme take a guess!! … Not many ………

In fact when it comes to JOB …………..I am damn sure nobody is happy …….  

There is something they keep looking out for in the name of career pathing…. .. Or whatever…Else how do you answer to the stifling problem Attrition????? Which each big buck company is striving hard to reduce??? 

Why does a job become dissatisfaction???? B’coz that’s not what we really want to do!! 

 Though most of the times some of us are not even aware of what we want to!! 😦 

Now why these side-tracked careers happen in the first place??!!?? Blame our up-bringing or our good old education system… there is no space for Innovation….. Thinking….Individuality. Let alone get passionate about anything at all……

 Many of us study to get a job or even professional career but are we really trying to tap the inert potential …. 

Believe me each of us are good …. Infact … We can best in some or the other ……. Human beings are GIFTED!! and have no doubt  on this… take a good look at yourself…… I do  think you do trust yourself!! 🙂 

There are enough of people out there who had everything going good who bought a flat and a fancy car and fat salary with loads of platinum credit cards to add spice … but one fine day they left everything and took their road to heaven….. and believe me it was the road least expected!! Daringly different and that gave solace to their lives!!  

The change in career was entirely 180 degree shift …. IT to a Restaurant Owner.. IIT to Catering….. HR to Drama….Quality to Marketing….Advertising to Holistic healing… hmm… now that’s what I call CHANGE!!! 

 And all they can say is the inner craving … childhood dream….everything seemed dull and drab… it just happened one day….. kinds….Well any regrets … BIG HECK NO!!! Never want to return back …….. and are content !! 

Wrote so much.. Am I content???? With what I am doing……….Hey boss that is what I am trying to scream out loud……   No I am NOT…..Are you …???? I know U are not too………….;-)

 Time to take a look  at what you are doing  !!! and think what you want to do!!

Change…… It’s the spice of Life :-(

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Mutation ….… talks about change of the DNA sequence within a gene resulting in the creation of a new character or trait.           

I am certainly not talking about the Genetic change here but the change brought by so many pressing key factors of Life…. I have always saluted the quote “ Why does Life keep teaching me lessons, I have no desire to learn “……….NOW…. That’s Life .. Can anyone DARE???              

Life’s the Biggest challenge to mankind !!!! Ironically Life is what we live rgt?? …. Or is it like???               

“ Life is what happens to us when we sit brooding about the past or busy planning for the future”     

Why do people change in their basic behavior or Why does it become a culture shock one fine day ……in future??   

Lemm’e put it in simple words ………. People find it too spunky when they catch a girl blowing smoke rings in a Bar along with a large mug to go with……very few enjoy the scene and few snigger……

But Y do People change????? Any clues???? I have none !! Not that I have’nt changed!!! At times I have felt I have changed beyond recognition that my image in the mirror looks like a stranger to me!! 

There are lot of Events , Incidents , accidents happen in life … and depending on the Impact it has on a person’s cognition people change !!!

I have been brought up in a very safe and secure cuddly environment that even going out in the night was as good as a nightmare for me!! but over a period of time when I realised that there is such a long path of life that is tread alone!!  I started walking all alone and Yes I ended up being strong mentally to take care of all the deamons that were  inside me!!! Now that’s the learning I got … Can you tell that is the change!!Nopes .. Boss it is  Life’s learning!!! Some people Accept the change! Some Revolt….. Can you help it???

Once anybody understands that life is a constant change!! We start accepting change….. I fail to understand why we can not take people as they change too…  or at times we want them to change to suit our requirements!! rather funny rgt???Best of all I will tell you that you spend ages trying to change someone and when they change you do not like them anymore… Now That’s tragedy of life……..

Just another stupid thought series!!!!