Trying to find answers!!!……Its all me at Grey cells ……. Unfinished thoughts

Indian Independence …. 60 Years!!

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As seen through the Innocent Eyes of India…… Best ever ad I have seen so far… …… Great conceptualization….

I am sure you guys agree with me!! well if you do not..  Its OK … Thats my opine after all…….


Times of India Drives !!! The Country

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People are yet to forget the Ad created by Times group ….. ” India Poised “ with Amitabh Bachchan….. that great thounderous voice which pulsated the hearts of youth India….

TOI  has  come up with the next best Ad campaign with none other than king Khan to voice   ” Lead India ”   … to enthrall the youth… and make them spring into action …

Rest is to Wait.. and Watch the respones … of ……. Responsible Citizens…..


Life’s day is after all how we look at it !!

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I am just talking about every day outlook of our lives…. I guess day starts when you wake up .. if at all you really want to wake up to the morning…

I am sure morning is great if you know how to wake up early… even in cities you hear some chirping birds and  those fresh soft smell of the morning breeze with dew around little vegetation  that grows everywhere

Sun really shines good… you get the warmth of golden rays streaming through those trees u can see along the road side…

People are good by nature… u smile at them u will surely get a smile back…..

Some of us are fortunate enough that we need not work on empty stomach…are we thankful??

We all do have some kind of bonding with other living being… who really understand us….What do we give back??

Few lucky ones have luxuries of life too… Are we satisfied?? Do we think of other less fortunate fellow living beings??

We get loved.. how surely do we love them back???

Nature  all about beauty .. are we considerate???

So many thoughts …

Unanswered queries……. Inner turmoil of confusions….. Self attested benchmark yet to be reached!!!


Me … Myself… Introspection??

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Too damn difficult to look at self… think of right positives 😉 and all the negatives!! Huh … tiresome indeed….  Do we ever judge ourseleves?? We DON’T!!! 

But scuttlebutt others??? we are glad to do!!

I have read this saying ‘ When you judge others, you are judging yourself ‘  Going overboard?? Don’t worry it was not meant for U 😉

Some traits I find bad about me….

#  I believe in my gut feeling so much that sometimes I instantly dislike a person the moment I meet them….

#  When I don’t know what else to do.. I am extremely depressed.

# I can be too damn COLD when I have unknown worry on my mind…

# I am too unpredictable!!

# I don’t trust … I give up easily!!

# I am very opinionated!!

# I don’t forgive and forget easily!!

# I am always on worry boat!!

# I take unknown guilt trips..

# I can be melodramatic 😦


Hey that was too harsh a judgement on myself so will not go any further!!!

Blue Umbrella ??

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Remember the thunderous applause ‘Omkara’ received ??? yeah the same … of  ‘ Beedi ‘ fame……..walked away with great awards list!! [ U can check here ]….

Now Vishal choose none other than a Ruskin bond short story to win Best children film award…

Blue Umbrella

Sweet little Debutante!! Shreya is a show snacher!! Being simply ‘ Biniya ‘………….. More so because every oneknows Pankaj Kapur is a class of his own .. when it is acting!! to add spice Gulzar  is the lyricist , what more does a movie need to get acclaimed!!

Blue Umbrella A great back drop of heavenly Himachal Pradesh … an idyllic small village with  kids having nothing much to do but entertain the whole of village where everybody knows anybody………… Biniya finds this enchanting blue umbrella too good to pass up so trades her lucky charm … her prized possession is villager’s envy.

Other hand is this rich man of the , village Shop  keeper Nandu… who wants this umbrella to add jewel to his fame!!…Tries Beg …. borrow…. steal …… principle to own it

Story unwinds here with great whirlwind of human emotions .. posession, envy, innocence, stealth, cheating,pride, guilt, insult, maddening loneliness, forgiving …. All’s well kind of End!!

Vishal has made the simple story enticingly captivating… Pankaj steals the show with his flawless performence capturing every frame adding enough Drama….Shreya stands big with maturity personified..

Vishal made ‘Makdee’ was Conspiracy …. ‘ Blu Umbrella ‘ is fresh smile …Kids sure would say Thank you Vishal uncle!!!

My hand at photography!!

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‘ Graphy’?? Representation!! .. Expression!! But combined with an art ‘Foto” can be potent mixture..I am trying!!.. as usual ………………     To get hang of this form of science!!

I started ‘ My – Flickr ‘……….Nagaje_lens’ my first shots.[  Scroll  on the right u  C ]……… Lets see how I can grow my repository!! I will want to be a ‘Pro’ but then each one has to take toddler’s steps rgt??? …

I have  started my crawling I want to sprint though 😉 Will update as often as possible…


Can marriages survive infidelity?? One that is history too!!

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People marry for various reasons … But can the marriage strengthen the realtionship or does it provide an platform to dig into the human nature of the partners or even the past to draw a curtain ……..on existing good  Life! …… Sad! Yeah….

Its always right for a girl to confess that she was having affair before wedding they feel that they are being angels of honesty in the act… but on the same score can they really accept the fact that even men could have had affirs? in the same past..

More so bcoz for a man affair is an impule buy… an easy sexual oppurtunity too good to pass up.. a woman may weigh the consequences .. thus a confesssion of infidelity can be a too scary .. it can bring the devil out of a wife .. as she feels the infidelity is a kind of rejection to them..only!!

Most of the times straying out of marriage need not be for sex .. or  wife… It can be her nagging sense of insecurity.. and constant appeal for assuring the love is always there ..can get stiffling too.. Ironically most of the couples have accepted the fact that the heated arguments always end up in passionate Sex.. but it can stimulate lot of withdrawal symptoms .. 

Though men  do not look around for any newer pastures….. you end up being nice to a listening ear , compassionate person.. who gives what men always want .. admiration.. to  everything they do!!.. good ..intelligent.. great in bed.. nice company .. are all the well accepted norms  a man would want to hear….  All this without an ounce of commitment…… for any kind of relation..but believe me they get it too.. loads of them 😦

All they can end up saying is  ” I got Carried away!! ”  “I was trying to runaway from an imaginary problem to end up here!! ”  Nice to hear ??.. Men are too good at saying …….. ‘ why can’t she see I need her??”………. I come home to Good Hug and Hot meal.. Followed by hot meat 😉 ….. I do not want to change my lifestyle for her…….. I feel my life’s getting slotted into hers.. Common quotes??? Huh??…………….. “Men need to be applauded for what they’re bringing to the relationship, whether it’s sexually, romantically or financially,”

 “Often affairs are the angry response of the person not getting what he legitimately wants and needs from the marriage and feeling as if his partner just refused to give it,”……. How can we solve it???Big question??

Simple answer BeOpen .. Be honest… Ask … Don’t assume.. Be compassionate.. try and understand… give it Time.. and more so do not hate!!!


JiaaaaaaaH ………….as sexy as the name!!

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Jiah Khan


One Sexy babe !! Born in Newyork bought up at London.. Now trying to reign the hearts of her fans all over the world!! direct from Bollywood!!  When half of the Bollywood tries to scream I am also sexyJiah has to just open her lips for the whole world to scream …  She is the siren!!

Born on 20th of Feb ,   a Sweet Cusp of Pieces &  Aquarius  an water-air sign that talks of blend of Intelligence and emotion  …..  Their ability to break the rules and help others reach their fullest potential makes them one of the most understanding characters of the Zodiac……….They are unique and rebellious people who are driven to change the world. However, they can be shy, quiet and sometimes elusive, refusing to show their true selves. They are modest and thoughtful [Not My Opine ….. that’s  astrology  !! ]

Whatever you say She is one young [Really at 19] sex godess who knows what she wants … she is known to get her scripts completely before she accepts an Movie offer tht’s what film magazines talk of her!! She seems to have turned down an offer by the ever famous Sanjay Gadvi of ‘ Dhoom ‘ fame……. She was to even debut Mahesh Bhatt’s “Tumsa Nahin Dekha” …. as this girl found the charecter too mature for liking!!

But Finally .. when she did debut… it was a sizzling story line of 60+ with a teeneger.. and none other than the best ever voice of India Mr . Bachchan senior himself to share the screen with her … and people could not stop saying Jiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ……………..AAAAAAha  😉  Even though the Movie did not steal box-ofiice Jiah did a thunderous Step-in to Bollywood

With such a grand entrée obviously it certainly does not shock anyone that she is approved by Sallu [Aka Salman Khan] for the Prabhudeva directed Pokri … a huge sucess down south… for its Hindi version!!

The  Befitting  jewel of the crown is that she gets to star with Aamir Khan in Ghajini.. another remake from south!!

Great going Jiah … Now Thats a true launch!!! Wanna read more??? HERE

A girl & her Insecurity!!

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Just another prattle of an Idle mind….A little story that goes with love and relation…..

There is this Boy who is out of home this weekend on a personal/professional  work.  Girl is pretty much aware of the situation, it is the work that pulls him to go out on these trips but riduculously she starts feeling insecure .

Specially when the girl never meets him over the week not having him around in the weekend should not be making any difference Ideally!! But the fact that both seem to keep weekends busy themselves brings a large disconnect between them for quite sometime, probably.  Best part is Girl is more bothered on these issues than the guy!! Not a big wonder 😉  rgt?

There is always talk about things getting better.. with more expectations added up … everytime .. nothing turned in to miracle…So it  was obvious that they weren’t going to be getting together.

 She calls him tells she is finding it difficult to accept that they are not meeting and tht she gets this wierd idea that he does not want spend time with her… He assures her that no such thing infact he wishes to spend time nad at the last minute both plan elsewhere!! She feels he is right & tells him everything is alright now!! She fels good!!

It’s Difficult for the Girl to hide all those girly feelings…. insecurities…. But nature ??? Girl is a Girl … & one can not keep acting to be sane when it is actually not so…..She always feels he does not know what bothers her, or that she is giving this relation too much of space.. or she even thinks the relation is existing only because of her…there is kind of no fire in the relation… She feels the boy is immersed in his own sea of worries…. no time for her!!

He does not make an attempt to call her and Y not! he had his stuff going great … but the girl has this butterflies in the stomach and is sure that something is clearly missing….. 

 But Now Giril is a girl as I said !! Can We really help her????

Thts another musing….