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New words!! Can not create new world !!

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Vocabulary can expand limitlessly as it is just another expression of the mankind…. Which of course is growing beyond anybodies imagination [ I meant the population]

But then if one has to be happy with the coinage like “ bangalored”…. I am surprised…Read all about the new verb here!!

 I recently happen to read one more word that was I am really not sure was the brainchild of the journalism… ”Frinitis” …Does it ring any bell?? Believe me when I read this for the first time the only word that went in across my grey cells is the  “Praying Mantis ” [ I  was a biology buff during my school days  J ] Details 😉 here 

Now you must be waiting to know the meaning of the word before my opine on it..Details????

Frinitis : Friday Night Fever: Friday night is the time to hang your boots and go wild / paint the town RED..The youth are at the mercy of numerous addictions – gaming, shopping, the much evident mobile fixation …Now the latest is a virus called Frinitis causing “Friday night Fever”.

Are we really growing…….??? Really!!


Marketing ….. Going Sky High!!

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Today’s marketing world is enough competitive and creative that I almost felt they are Competing with the Nazcan Art  Lines !!


I know you must be raising brows as to what I am trying to say …and what is this picture all about 🙂

Nazcan lines are giant art lines or motif found on the ground that could be seen by the “Eye in the sky”… so called response to the believed “EYE Of The GOD” in the sky..

Could be only viewed either by a hot air balloon or a plane !! Details read here …

Now you are atleast aware of what I am trying to refer to!! But the competing art?? Modren day ad campigns?? No doubt about it!! Just look at the awesome picture below..

Today’s adsense!!

I have taken it from 15 june 2007 .. Times of India  Bangalore edition…. e-paper 😉 could not wait to capture it for myself…..A giant silhoutte of a naked pole dancer painted on to a field which is seen beneath the flight path of southeren England’s Gatwick airport All the airline passengers can have a great time peak view of this 100,00 Sq.Ft.  advertisement..

Boss .. Hats off to the adagency and to the creative director of this piece of work!! Take a bow Guys.. You have proven the ” Higher realms of marketing Kingdom”… Sky is not the Limit 😉 YET!!

Life’s SIMPLE …..

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Life  …….     I have always felt life is one of the most beautiful gifts as long as one knows how ti live it … Its too simple … if we plan to keep it so….. Only If we Plan to !!!

I really do not have a clue as to why people make life so complicated for self and in turn for all others related directly or indirectly to them……How can we go ahead and atleast try and make it simple….

I really do not know whether I am succsessful in Life but I try and follow some simple rules…. I said TRY………Ddo not Hold me for anything….. 

Some of them…… easier Said than Done !! I know it ……So is the ease in putting this across

* Wake up to better morning… How better ???? U Say it… Its a gr8 morning everyday!!!

* Talk with urself for a good while each day… Introspect…I prefer first thing in    the  morning with out fuzzy mind…… U know mind fresh and active……

* Do not worry too much on getting late for work….Bosses glare is fine sometimes..

* Do not promise yourself what you can not do!!

* Dream a lot!! Greatest motivator of life.. but be  consistent with ur dreams…. Dont design every day!! [ Some one said.. You can achieve anything .. If you stick to it long enough!!]

* Think of anything with intensity!!

* Be thankful for all the small things that life has  offered…

* Be happy with yourself

* You can be what you are ONLY!!!

* Do not get into arguement with stupid people…

* Just be good yaar.. Do not get into mess with anybody!!

* Keep some gr8 amout of time life  each day to do  what you love MOST!! and do IT…

* Even if you get a stupid thought… Do it with GUTS….

* Love yourself !!!!  Best person to fall in love with and easily available and can never ditch you!!;-)

* Stop bothering about others…..:-)

* Love LIFE & Have fun…..

* Think of giving back to society…

* Love nature….. it has a great small and big things to offer……

Hey !!  They are just small tips… Not exactly tthe rules I planned in the first place to scribe… I am sure but they are Good!!

Fear of Losing… Brings the Monster in you…………….!!

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Fear … !!   Phobia.…!!!!.. Terror…!! Horror…!! Panic..!! GRrrrrrrrr…..the very basic Primal ghost that is all around us!!

Are we sure?? …….No ……..  Fear is what lies WITHIN..… Not around!! So much Deep buried inside that to uproot the very existance of it becomes a life’s Challenge!!

Fear can range in various intencities.. like….. mild caution.. to……extreme paranoia….Y do we fear something..  What are the effects on life’s smooth ride??? Fear can cause helluva havoc on anybodies life!!

It’s more a trouble when you speak with respect to relationships….. Lets see what this is all about!!

Anxiety is always fine and can be controlled infact would vanish automatically within few days….Like a New job… Marriage!…… even child birth… can give loads of anxious moments but once you test the waters you get used to the idea and life becomes smooth again……

Fear of known… is again kinda natural….. .. you know the effect of fire so when there is an outbreak you are afraid of it is just so common… Fear of water…you must have fallen into water sometimes in the past and must have been uncomfortablwe with the breathlessness you experience .. can also be easily explained and elimineted!! …This fear is response to actual danger and not envisaged!!

Every time you win, it diminishes the fear a little bit. You never really cancel the fear of losing; you keep challenging it.

Fear of Unknown… and fear of the Imaginary … are the darkest deamons to humanity and can be destructive in the relationships….. 

“Once bitten twice shy!!” A small bad patch in life can make you so over-cautious that you stop enjoying the moments of life and begin seeing the unknown ghosts. in fact you start digging for something bad to happen.. and belive me human mind’s thinking power is so strong that we create the deamons that we Fear!!

Only your mind can produce fear.

Human mind can visualise so powerfully that we can think of bad and that becomes worse than ever “Fear is a disease that eats away at logic and makes man inhuman.” …

Because you fear you may lose somebody you hold fast to them so much more strongly that you forget that you can end up suffocating the other person… you may nag them to death..!!and more than obviously! the person may want to tear apart from you or even he keeps off from you for short periods of time and that will be again a big concern to you you try and get much more out of the relationship withut even realising the staleness that has already started creeping in and a big series of chain reactions and vicious circle of habits that bring the unwanted death to the relationship. caused by nothing else but a small bad experience and the fear …..that was attached to it!!

Fear of Losing Someone in relation ship is another grave tangent to the epitome of fear…

When we have any kind of relationship  it becomes  habit forming!! than an nurturing aspect of Life!! So any thing that you start getting possescive you tend to bind all your emotional energies into it.. and that is when you start getting the fear of losing it..

Believe me if Insurence companies could have Policies for human relations the would make the highest revenues!! That is the level of insecurity you can find among the relationships and more so because of the fear of losing it!!!

Fear can be so destructive that you may end up saying that what is not mine can not be happy!! and you intentionally hurt the person!! now that is fear psychosis.. a dangerous state a human can slip into .. can be as bad as Suicidal….

 Hmmm.. thts where I want to stop !!!

It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live.

Weakness!! … can b strength too!!

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Human beings are born with good raw material that can be moulded into anything ….but growing up we pick up all other things like weakenesses and strengths…

Why is it that some things becomes our wekness and some strength???  Our upbringing is to be blamed again…too many factors responsible for these characteristics.. somethings we get passionate about and they become our strength and what we are not ready to take risks and are never confident about become our weak points…

Pathetically very few of us can even recognise these two variants of life.. Strengths and weaknesses.. Only when we are capable of getting hold on our recognition pattern ….. I mean recognise ourselves.. our own good and bad  !! We can really think of going ahead in life ..

Otherwise life become sa existance.. awareness of a self is must for a little meaningful Life!!! But then one can Live the Life to its Fullest .. If one can assses  their own weakness  accurately and try to make that the strength of life!!

Bravo…….. You are at it!! Acheived…. Life’s actual .. way of living!! :-).. .. I have heard peple say work on your stengths.. but I always feel one needs to work on how to keep the tough ghosts of wekness on bay.. and not allow them to hamper the growth ….. and the is the actual strengh .. U know Controlling the weakness!! .. ….got me???

No……….  Iam sure U find this yet another stupid thought series!!

Take your road to heaven !!!!!

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How many of us are happy with our jobs???……Le’mme take a guess!! … Not many ………

In fact when it comes to JOB …………..I am damn sure nobody is happy …….  

There is something they keep looking out for in the name of career pathing…. .. Or whatever…Else how do you answer to the stifling problem Attrition????? Which each big buck company is striving hard to reduce??? 

Why does a job become dissatisfaction???? B’coz that’s not what we really want to do!! 

 Though most of the times some of us are not even aware of what we want to!! 😦 

Now why these side-tracked careers happen in the first place??!!?? Blame our up-bringing or our good old education system… there is no space for Innovation….. Thinking….Individuality. Let alone get passionate about anything at all……

 Many of us study to get a job or even professional career but are we really trying to tap the inert potential …. 

Believe me each of us are good …. Infact … We can best in some or the other ……. Human beings are GIFTED!! and have no doubt  on this… take a good look at yourself…… I do  think you do trust yourself!! 🙂 

There are enough of people out there who had everything going good who bought a flat and a fancy car and fat salary with loads of platinum credit cards to add spice … but one fine day they left everything and took their road to heaven….. and believe me it was the road least expected!! Daringly different and that gave solace to their lives!!  

The change in career was entirely 180 degree shift …. IT to a Restaurant Owner.. IIT to Catering….. HR to Drama….Quality to Marketing….Advertising to Holistic healing… hmm… now that’s what I call CHANGE!!! 

 And all they can say is the inner craving … childhood dream….everything seemed dull and drab… it just happened one day….. kinds….Well any regrets … BIG HECK NO!!! Never want to return back …….. and are content !! 

Wrote so much.. Am I content???? With what I am doing……….Hey boss that is what I am trying to scream out loud……   No I am NOT…..Are you …???? I know U are not too………….;-)

 Time to take a look  at what you are doing  !!! and think what you want to do!!