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Communication !!! meaning…get verbal

Posted in Communication, life, Relation, Thoughts by nagaje on April 26, 2007

Why are we not able to talk decently ….Why do people can not communicate in proper manner  … Communication  was supposed to be  Limelight in the  path to evolution rgt??? 

It was Primal sounds in the jungle to start with….. and  then it became the symbolic representation of everything and still people could not verbally communicate … sign language mixed with the body emoting its feeling was all about communication and they were good at it to !!!

 I always think I need to Google around and find when and how did the vocabulary evolve but …J….never been able to do so… Do not think !!…   It is important probably… that we do have vocabulary and we do understand Body language better……….. How good are we communicating ??.. 

There is an old saying in Kannada …. “ The  person who knows to talk can deter fight ”   How many of us can do it??  Especially in Relationships…. Ironically you do not find one relation that is devoid of verbal altercations!! Why??? Why is it so????  

I guess fight is due to miscommunication or communication gaps more so than misunderstanding…. Well now ….Irony again is Understand can happen only when the communication is proper rgt??  We tend to communicate unintended things more so than what had to be said……Why  does that happen its not that we have language barrier …more So people who have actual language problems do try to elaborate and be sure of proper communication or even when people do have physical inabilities try sign language better and you can see their complete effort that goes into proper communication ….  

Then why are educated lot into bickering ???? Can we not use the education as a strong pillar to a better communication than to send wrong messages that can ignite a massive fight … that can ruin the relations…………….. 


Posted in Divorce !!!, life, Marriage, Relation by nagaje on April 12, 2007

It’s  the saddest part of any realtionship…. realtionships are bigger responsibilities and loads of commitment when I say relationship I meant the closest to heart kinds … you know….Parents, spouse, Children, Siblings, Love of life etc.

Divorce is such s simple word but holds loads of heartache attached with it.. People always have attched it to marriage .. and marital separation… But I would say…….No ….. 

I was one among few people who was not shocked to read the news snippet that said a child said he will divorce his parents… Divorce as per my knowledge is the separation  that goes with Love … and Love is relation you hold with dear ones….Separation happens for various reasons …

Can you stop loving  someone??? 😦

On threshold of separation People often say ..I love you in my own way but ….. I am not sure I love you!! anymore?? Ironic !!! No really not!! Tht’s one of the major reasons why people are divorced ! So Love just stops … it?? Why does any relation that starts with so much of fire end like that.. Looks like my belief of ” Love comes as a season and goes as a season fits well ….. ” What makes this happen??

 When you really fall in love I guess you are just happy with falling in love …. you do not look into the compatiability .. u do not spend time in understandng your would be life partner.. you do not want to go into those small habits of the other person which can be nagging for life time… you try to look at only the positive things and try to blow them out of proportion and then  jump into relation .. but the days start getting darker as you pull on the relationships that’s for sure a shocker…

Some of them happen on mutual consent.. where both the persons involved are mature enough and are sure that the relation is not going to work .. and pull apart with good feelings treasured… its only when the need for trudging along for various reasons creep into any relationship the things start turning sour… so much that you start fighting … mud slinging.. finding faults … talk endlessly about the mistakes commited in the relation…. Boss that is surely going to mar the face of relationship beyond repair and even if it is ripping you apart only best alternative is to SEPARATE!!!

I do have heard of lot relations that are FINE after separation!!  Hmmm… thts a thought one should seriously look into what makes the post separation meetings get-togethers best??? May be that habitual..part of the human craving starts looking again at what was getting missed all along and one small oppurtunity is like heaven……you love !!! But I seriously do not think it will work unless the people involved change honestly at that which again is a marathon task!!

 I have already said!! Relationships are painful… separation is  more So!!!!