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MEN behind EVERY Single woman!!

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Every article , interview, personal notes, biographies.. Autobiogrphies.. U name .. of any suucessful MAN.,¬† Talks of a woman behind Her!! … … but is it not the other way also!!

Woman is by nature is a simple in the outlook but can solve the complex maze of familial problems .. can crate an havoc if she intends too !!

” Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned ” ūüôā¬† But at the same time A woman gets compared to mother earth¬†, ¬†beauty, patience … Boss U name it and she has it that is the temendous mine of virtue galore a woman has!!

A Woman goes out of her way to be good to any one by her natural behaviour¬† but who cahnges her… belive me¬† a MAN¬† can change her into a monster . I just do not mean in terms of cruelty but aggressiveness too!!

If she has to be a crusader their has to be a burn somewhere tht made her so… I just am not saying it has to be a burn only!!

A father can pump all his un-nurtured¬† goals in to his pretty princess….

A Brother can be a solid wall of support for the baby sister!!

A beautiful love can nourish her way to Glory  too!!

But with these more than reality of events .. we happen to see

A Female child getting abused !

A Girl getting demoralised against a boy….

Society too sneers at Girl born!

A girl cheated by a man goes all the way to prove her self in the most contemptuous manner…..

Two faces of the same coin.. where the girl can be nourtured!! she gets forced into proving her worth…

Just like the¬† fact that¬† A dessert bloom also looks Vibrant …. unique…with all the rough weather… as pretty as a rose nurtured !!!

Tht was just a thought of a Broken mind!!



It just needs you to be happy

Posted in Expectation, life, me, Thoughts by nagaje on July 23, 2007

Happiness is¬† just a state of mind for feeling Good!! and¬†I ¬†am really impressed by this saying ……..

True happiness arises, in the first place, from the enjoyment of one’s self, and in the next, from the friendship and conversation of a few select companions.Joseph Addison

I always have sticked to the age old belief of mine that you are first person you can ever be with and as long as you can not be at peace with self and try to seek happiness  within U you will NEVER find happiness on the face of this earth

I have read this quote too ūüėČ Never ask a man about happiness until his death!!

Jokes apart …. How to be happy ?? First thing u need is to UNDERSTAND yourself ….. that might sound funny…. ¬†believe me ironically that is the most difficult¬† of jobs ūüôā¬† Once you get the clarity as to what you are and what you want really do in life then I guess nobody can stop your pursuit to happiness…

Most of the time I have come across people who are not even aware of why they are doing something… No doubt that most of the times… you get trapped in some profession by most unavoidable vital forces in life that you get into the flow¬†of life ¬†but as long as we recognise that its just a small chunk of life … which can be called Breadwinner !! and there has to be something else that can satisfy the unknown inner craving!!

Its of course very rare that you get a proffession that really can give you the satisfaction of life… so its¬†¬†totally up to us to get time off¬† from the rut of routine and try to do those small / BIG deed that can kinda give some solace to the soul…

The moment we start depending on others for our happiness then they become the epicenter of our happiness controlling when¬† and why we should be happy Now!! thts not correct¬†… How can we allow some one else to take a decision on our happiness … We can not outsource our happiness .. thts not done… Some amount of introspection is what it takes to find path to happiness……

You agree??

In constant search for emotional security!!

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What’s¬† security got to do with Emotions?? Is that a wonder.. Lemme tell you something ..¬† As long as¬† one feels secure with the emotions not going haywire…. Life really seems Beautiful.

More so I guess emotional security forms the pivotal issue with a woman…A¬† Relationship can give safety with lot of commitment .. uncoditional acceptance.. honesty trust can add up to feeling safe in a realtion..

Sometimes Physical  &  financial factors create lots of safe feeling of safety.. but they can be bargained aginst emotional feel of safety.

A woman feels sfe with a man who is sure of anything he does and achievess the expected results within the frame of time quoted.. that way she is sure of putting the belief of him…

A¬†woman does not want any relationship that makes her feel¬†¬†” This is getting nowhere”¬† I can assure a normal girl/woman would do anything and everything for¬†a relation that she feels safe in .. My word¬†ūüėČ .. She needs to be with her man just to avoid he fear of being alone always its¬†a feeling of safety tht two can wade the stormy waters than one!! Probably thts the reason woman craves to spend more time with her man!!

For a man the reason he love sher.. he is happy with her.. or even  wants to see her happy is more than an emotional factor and that need not be the integrity  of emotions.

Always woman is ready to wait to find out…if her man has interest in commitment to relation¬†or really feels trapped !!! Believe me guys keep thinking on this note..U know.. ” woman are like electronic gadgets you buy one and realise you could have gone for a better model “ types!!

Man looks at a partner¬†” who understands him for what he is”¬† and accpte him as he is… If a bit of emotional grip comes from the woman he is in love with …. he starts feeling he should have found someone else.. or literally starts looking out for new person…. ūüė¶

A love or a relation can happen when all this is taken care of!!  What say?? Not EQ but ES

Fear of Losing ???

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I was really concerned about the way people access blogs & info centers with this tag !! 

Looks like a large crowd out their is really bothered about “LOSING” somebody!! That somebody I am sure must be the loved one!!

Now Primarily lets understand Y this fear of Losing…

¬†* Believe¬† me when I say If you lose someone that means to say they are not meant for you at all in the first place…

* If Somebody leaves you nad goes thn there has to be a misunderstanding!! Think about IT!! Try and cear out the mess .. No matter who is the root cause!! That is Only If you value the relationship… Even after the honest patient attempt if things do not go well leave it at that Love is something that comes back to you if it is yours… else just ignore .. May be that person is not worthy of you!!!!

* Fear is¬† a physical state of mind that eats up the basic clarity on reason and logic… Y should you fear something?? Think of what can happen if you lose this person??? ..¬† I do understand its easier said than done!! But .. Its worth the attempt!!

* Lifes’s all about Change!! If you have ¬†lost someone today.. May be you are destined to meet someone else .. and who knows he/she may be better too!!

Hey !! I Belong to this category!!  Do You???


Who’s Life R U living anyway!!

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Well….. OURS????¬†……..¬† Think ….. Really???………

No way Boss u do not live Ur Life!!

Now shout &¬† ask who’s !! Anyway??

¬†Hmm ……… Everyone else’s ………… Yeah think again…….

U wake up !! to alarm.. kept to may be switch on the geyser….. make tea…. wake up call to some one……

U take bath.. Aarthi time!!… Get spouse ready.. kids ready for breakfast….!!!

U work????.. then off to office you change from¬†the¬† person¬† you are and¬†don ¬†on a corporate robe¬† … irrespective of what’s on mind u start flashing smiles …… nods……. . acknowledgements.. …..all around!!..Life!!

Tea time some friends.. u try and show ur mood swings… ur apprehensions……

¬†Evening nice party u change into guest role… nice and….. courteous

Think of any day in your life u literally live for others and change accordingly…

Married?? change life style ..preferences as per ur in-laws[ Supposedly most obnoxious].. .. spouse’s

Mingling in life then ur would be partner takes UR toll!! ūüôā

Single ..ready to mingle … peer pressure to get the¬†Mr/Ms¬†RIGHT.

Single only .. parents boss all over you….

Done with the major chunk of life?? Retired??.. Ur  kids  smother u around!![ U tend to stay with them to avoid old age homes]

I am damn sure your mind must be whirring with the thoughts that haunt when u are being limited by so many factors …¬† of your life style!!

Atleast what best can be done is….. give some time for self … alone for just reflecting into self…..

Do something that give you the best feeling once in a while to get a breather!!….

Think.. on these lines u get enough.. ways..

I LIVE MY LIFE   some part of the day!! DO U???