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The Secret of Happiness – Said a friend

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The Secret of Happiness The secret of happiness is to be free of fear. Fear is like a toxin that runs through much of our thinking. It feeds on insecurity, feeling of loss, loneliness, inadequacy and attachment.

You are loveable and loving. Accept this as Truth. Appreciate and care for yourself – truly, deeply, intensely, in a way that reflects your real value. Then you will automatically have the same regards for all other living beings and things.


Raise Your Self-esteem

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Feelings of low self-esteem may be triggered by being treated poorly by someone else recently or in the past, or by a person’s own judgments of him or herself. This is normal.

 However, low self-esteem is a constant companion for too many people, especially those who experience depression, anxiety, phobias, psychosis, delusional thinking, or who have an illness or a disability.

 To help relieve these feelings, let your friends know what you are going through. Have a good cry if you can. Do things to relax. Specially tell yourself — “I am a very special, unique, and valuable person. I deserve to feel good about myself.”

 Self-esteem, Depression and Other Illnesses

 Before you begin to consider strategies and activities to help raise your self-esteem, it is important to remember that low self-esteem may be due to depression. Low self-esteem is a symptom of depression. To make things even more complicated, the depression may be a symptom of some other illness. 

Things You Can Do Right Away—Every Day—to Raise Your Self-esteem

 Pay attention to your own needs and wants.

Take very good care of yourself.

Eat healthy foods and avoid junk foods


Do personal hygiene tasks that make you feel better about yourself

Have a physical examination every year to make sure you are in good  health.

Plan fun activities for yourself. Learn new things every day.

Take time to do things you enjoy.

Get something done that you have been putting off.

Do things that make use of your own special talents and abilities.

Dress in clothes that make you feel good about yourself.

Give yourself rewards.

Spend time with people who make you feel good about yourself

Make your living space a place that honors the person you are.

Display items that you find attractive or that remind you of your achievements or of special times or people in your life.

Make your meals a special time.

Take advantage of opportunities to learn something new or improve your skills.

Begin doing those things that you know will make you feel better about yourself

Do something nice for another person

Make it a point to treat yourself well every day


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Ego – Hurts / Kills / Destryos — The Actual you.

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I guess Ego is an Illusion most of us prefer to live with …. Making no sense ?? Read on…

What is you  ???  Who are you ? ? How many of us can really think for a while and answer??

Are you your Name ? Job ? Car ? House ? Horse ? Family ……. Oooops I can go on and on…. But are these you ? They all give us an outer  ‘ You’  … But Does  that make you????

Nopes …. The  ” Inner you ” …..You … Yourself ….. is different .. . that only YOU know.  But inspite of knowing this we try to attach ourseleves to the  limitless things of  the ” Outer self ” and try to identify ourselves with it…

In  the process we lose oueselves… So What is ego?? Ego is this wrongful identification of Self with the ” Outer self ” … and this manifests itself  into ourself so much that we live with it & we identify ourself with Ego. Our ego is a mix of  Emotions & Thoughts . Only when we can detach ourself  from these two we can be ourself.

Someone has said :   ” Life is a Drama and the stage is Set…. We are actors…. ” May be that we embody ourself so much with the role tht we forget ourself … I guess It’s time we remember ourselves…. Feel the ” real self ” … It will be a great   ” Home Coming ” …….

By recognising self …. We will rise above the life’s problems with better self consciousness … We will be Happy , Calm  & Strong … We will be at peace with Self.

This is called inner peace .  Silence of mind.

Hmmmmm…… Sleepy 🙂


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Alchohol……. An Intoxication

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Alchohol…. .. can u believe is  just a mixture of Corbon , Hydrogen &  Oxygen…

A simple mixture causing world of complexities…..Believe me it has its benifits when it is a part of  medicines  … BUT largely its  an Intoxicating agent….

It easily gets absorbed directly into the blood stream… No doubt it reduces the feeling of fatigue.. initially … but .. slowly starts impairing Everything else….that are vital faculties of human functioning….

If you need to understand alcohol… .. more dramatically……

*  It s a reason to party 🙂

* It can reduce a Lion of a Man to tears…

*  Gets friends from nowhere on a Bar counter…

*  Who knows .. I have even heard it can work as an aphrodisiac…..

* For some it’s a style statement…. Class.. …

* Believed to be a Pain Killer???

* People loosen out more with a glass than with a psychiatrist.

* Some feel more stronger than any health drink…..

* Its Confidence Booster 🙂

* Some use it as ‘ Compose’

Hmmmm…….. List can get end less…… as it is as big as the number of Drinking crowd.

Now!!! …. … Wht’s MY reason to Drinks…… I will not Share…

Will You share yours??….



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Some CHOICIEST sentences I have heard and wanted to log them…….. 

We choose our joys & sorrows long before we experience them…. – Khalil Gibran 

As Human beings we are endowed with the freedom of choice & We can not shuffle our responsibility upon the shoulders of God or Nature … We must shoulder it ourselves. It is up to us….. – AJ Toynbee. 

There are two primary choices in life; To accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them…. – Denis Waitley  

Your life is the sum result of all the choices you make, both consciously & unconsciously.  If you can control the process of choosing, you can take control of all aspects of life. You can find the freedom comes from being in charge of yourself…. – Robert F. Bennet 

Each mornig when I open my Eyes I say to myself: I, not the events have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday ois dead tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today  & I am going to be happy in it….. – Groucho Marx 

Forget about likes & dislikes. They are of consequence. Just do what must be done. This may not be Happiness, but it is Greatness….- George Bernard Shaw

Life’s day is after all how we look at it !!

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I am just talking about every day outlook of our lives…. I guess day starts when you wake up .. if at all you really want to wake up to the morning…

I am sure morning is great if you know how to wake up early… even in cities you hear some chirping birds and  those fresh soft smell of the morning breeze with dew around little vegetation  that grows everywhere

Sun really shines good… you get the warmth of golden rays streaming through those trees u can see along the road side…

People are good by nature… u smile at them u will surely get a smile back…..

Some of us are fortunate enough that we need not work on empty stomach…are we thankful??

We all do have some kind of bonding with other living being… who really understand us….What do we give back??

Few lucky ones have luxuries of life too… Are we satisfied?? Do we think of other less fortunate fellow living beings??

We get loved.. how surely do we love them back???

Nature  all about beauty .. are we considerate???

So many thoughts …

Unanswered queries……. Inner turmoil of confusions….. Self attested benchmark yet to be reached!!!


Me … Myself… Introspection??

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Too damn difficult to look at self… think of right positives 😉 and all the negatives!! Huh … tiresome indeed….  Do we ever judge ourseleves?? We DON’T!!! 

But scuttlebutt others??? we are glad to do!!

I have read this saying ‘ When you judge others, you are judging yourself ‘  Going overboard?? Don’t worry it was not meant for U 😉

Some traits I find bad about me….

#  I believe in my gut feeling so much that sometimes I instantly dislike a person the moment I meet them….

#  When I don’t know what else to do.. I am extremely depressed.

# I can be too damn COLD when I have unknown worry on my mind…

# I am too unpredictable!!

# I don’t trust … I give up easily!!

# I am very opinionated!!

# I don’t forgive and forget easily!!

# I am always on worry boat!!

# I take unknown guilt trips..

# I can be melodramatic 😦


Hey that was too harsh a judgement on myself so will not go any further!!!

My hand at photography!!

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‘ Graphy’?? Representation!! .. Expression!! But combined with an art ‘Foto” can be potent mixture..I am trying!!.. as usual ………………     To get hang of this form of science!!

I started ‘ My – Flickr ‘……….Nagaje_lens’ my first shots.[  Scroll  on the right u  C ]……… Lets see how I can grow my repository!! I will want to be a ‘Pro’ but then each one has to take toddler’s steps rgt??? …

I have  started my crawling I want to sprint though 😉 Will update as often as possible…


It just needs you to be happy

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Happiness is  just a state of mind for feeling Good!! and I  am really impressed by this saying ……..

True happiness arises, in the first place, from the enjoyment of one’s self, and in the next, from the friendship and conversation of a few select companions.Joseph Addison

I always have sticked to the age old belief of mine that you are first person you can ever be with and as long as you can not be at peace with self and try to seek happiness  within U you will NEVER find happiness on the face of this earth

I have read this quote too 😉 Never ask a man about happiness until his death!!

Jokes apart …. How to be happy ?? First thing u need is to UNDERSTAND yourself ….. that might sound funny….  believe me ironically that is the most difficult  of jobs 🙂  Once you get the clarity as to what you are and what you want really do in life then I guess nobody can stop your pursuit to happiness…

Most of the time I have come across people who are not even aware of why they are doing something… No doubt that most of the times… you get trapped in some profession by most unavoidable vital forces in life that you get into the flow of life  but as long as we recognise that its just a small chunk of life … which can be called Breadwinner !! and there has to be something else that can satisfy the unknown inner craving!!

Its of course very rare that you get a proffession that really can give you the satisfaction of life… so its  totally up to us to get time off  from the rut of routine and try to do those small / BIG deed that can kinda give some solace to the soul…

The moment we start depending on others for our happiness then they become the epicenter of our happiness controlling when  and why we should be happy Now!! thts not correct … How can we allow some one else to take a decision on our happiness … We can not outsource our happiness .. thts not done… Some amount of introspection is what it takes to find path to happiness……

You agree??