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Dating a Married woman!! don’t say you were not warned!!

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For the man that is looking for a married woman to have some fun with, he needs to be careful.  He may find himself involved with a woman he only wants to have fun with, and end up with so much more. Or, he may end up falling in love with a woman who will always love another man.

 Married women are looking for something to spice up their lives.  They have fallen into the rut of the day to day regime of their marriages, and are bored, neglected, lacking a sex life, seeking thrills, Or she’s just plain lonely and needs to be held, which often leading to intimacy and an affair.

 And then there’s the woman who knows she’s being cheated upon and in her hurt and anger she feels it’s payback time. And so decides to hit back in the same measure.

 If a man can steal another woman away from her husband, even if it’s only for a few hours, he will have felt like he conquered a battle.  And for a man, there is no greater reward.

 Women on the other hand are lacking emotional bonds and are looking for someone that will make them feel pretty, loved, adored, and worshipped even.

 Men will seek out any relationship, married or otherwise, with the initial intent of biological release.  They will connect with women they have chemistry with, are attracted to, and ultimately, want a sexual affair with.  For some men, these relationships evolve into an emotional bond over time. 

 For women however, the emotions come first, the sex comes second.

 Married women that are cheating simply are not clear on what they want, and so they will tell the man exactly what they want to hear. Why? Because women are experts at knowing what men want emotionally, and will give them exactly that, every time, until it is too late.

 You be honest to yourself and your wife before anything happens. You took a vow to love honour and cherish. It sounds like you didn’t understand some of that. Falling in love with someone while you are in a committed relationship only points to one thing and that is that your not committed enough.

 Dating a married woman will open up a can of worms for you is an emotional understatement

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Say right thing when drunk ;-)

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A husband wakes up at home with a huge hangover. He forces himself to open his eyes, and the first thing he sees is a couple of aspirins and a glass of water on the side table. He sits down and sees his clothing in front of him, all clean and pressed. He looks around the room and sees that it is in perfect order, spotless, clean. So is the rest of the house.

He takes the aspirins and notices a note on the table. “Honey, breakfast is on the table, I left early to go grocery shopping. Love You!”

Totally shocked with the note , he goes to the kitchen and sure enough there is a hot breakfast and the morning newspaper. His son is also at the table, eating. He asks, “Son, what happened last night?”

 His son says, “Well, you came home around 3 AM, drunk and delirious.  Broke some crockery, puked in the hall, and gave yourself a black eye when you stumbled into the door”. Confused, the man asks, “So, why is everything in order and so clean, and breakfast is on the table waiting for me? I should expect a big quarrel with her!”

 His son replies, “Oh, that! Mom dragged you to the bedroom, and when she tried to take your clothes n shoes off, you said, “LADY LEAVE ME ALONE! I’M MARRIED!”

Moral :

Self-induced hangover – Rs 400.00
Broken crockery – Rs 800.00
Breakfast – Rs 50.00
Saying the Right Thing While Drunk – “PRICELESS”

Hey hello I am not advocating drinks….. Just to tickle a funny bone!!





Father — Begining of the world?? OR End of the world??

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Surprisingly neither is  true!!…… knowing my prattle all the while,  I know you guys will read this on too…..

Father — A Big name in a kid’s world ……. especially that little princess who is mostly protected by the ” First Hero ”  of her life ….  all her young years …. Lots of studies have revealed the fact that a father-daughter relationship has the biggest impact on het future partner ….

But ignorant to this fact Mother is given the highest pedestal in a child’s upbringing …… Its such a myopic  misconception we have in our family lives that father is  ONLY the bread winner of the family & thus becomes the  ” Role Model” only to the boy kids assuming  they are going to don the same mantle in the years to come…… and a father is just not expected to know of  Teddy bears / Doll houses / Barbie dolls — of their own dainty little doll ……..

A father’s right care can make that  ” Fragile” girl  really confident to face the realities of the world!! ……… Can U believe Nehru being a forced ” Absent father ” kept in touch with Indira Priyadarshini [ Yeah ….  Our Indira Gandhi ] with a lot of letters he kept writing to her from all over the world… from the prison too…. [ All of them have been compiled into a book ” Glimpses of World History ” ]

A girl keeps observing her Dear old Dad always… funnily enough an ‘ absent father ‘ also!! …

Wondering what it is ?? Read all about  types of father in this link  ” TYPES OF FATHERS “

Ironically what ever is the kind of father a girl has she continues to “Seek”  out to a man who is te replica of her Daddy no matter what he is / was …. this psychology is what makes the presence of a ” Right ”  Daddy in a girl’s life more essential…. But again not all are Lucky!!

It is also proven fact that a girl who does not get father’s care becuase of the way he is or because of the absence of a father in her life has her Marital Life doomed from the begining ….. unless a great care and counselling is given by the mother right from the begining …. imbibing the true/strong values of a father even if you did not have one!!!

A father needs to own up the daughter …… alive or dead ….. yeah dead… as the mother will be the true mirror of what the father was and thus father becomes the reason for the whole behavioral pattern of a girl especially her interactions with the men of her life….. and essentially the most important person of her life ….. the husband!! and of course KIDS of her life!!

Even as you read this, your child may be seeking attention elsewhere.  If you aren’t there for the child, you are losing a battle you aren’t even fighting.  Your child  could be seduced by the fantasies portrayed on television.

As a father, you have more power to influence your child than anyone else on earth.  I do not mean discount mothers.    Atleast mothers try & make the attempt, many fathers don’t.   Onevshould be a father who takes an interest in every aspect of your child’s life.  This can be done  only through being there for the child.

The day of the gruff and distant father needs to be put to rest.  If nothing else, a child needs someone to talk to that he/she can trust.   Fathers should take this role most seriously. 

Why am I thinking…….. all these???  …… I had a great Dad too….. But now all broken thoughts……..

Comments?? Please do not Its just an journey in to self…..



Simplicity at BEST……

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                                APTOPIX GERMANY PUMPKINS



Lot of Brand ambassadors are used by Big-Wig ‘s to promote their products that can fight the competition. But at times a simple work of creative art can speak volumes… and catch the eye of every passer by…










A farmer from Hartheim-Feldkirch  in Germany.. has created a large Reptile form .. in fact a  Crocodile  using Pumpkins grown on his Farm to promote his produce…..

Now That’s  a great  Creative art work … What say Management Gurus????


Can marriages survive infidelity?? One that is history too!!

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People marry for various reasons … But can the marriage strengthen the realtionship or does it provide an platform to dig into the human nature of the partners or even the past to draw a curtain ……..on existing good  Life! …… Sad! Yeah….

Its always right for a girl to confess that she was having affair before wedding they feel that they are being angels of honesty in the act… but on the same score can they really accept the fact that even men could have had affirs? in the same past..

More so bcoz for a man affair is an impule buy… an easy sexual oppurtunity too good to pass up.. a woman may weigh the consequences .. thus a confesssion of infidelity can be a too scary .. it can bring the devil out of a wife .. as she feels the infidelity is a kind of rejection to them..only!!

Most of the times straying out of marriage need not be for sex .. or  wife… It can be her nagging sense of insecurity.. and constant appeal for assuring the love is always there ..can get stiffling too.. Ironically most of the couples have accepted the fact that the heated arguments always end up in passionate Sex.. but it can stimulate lot of withdrawal symptoms .. 

Though men  do not look around for any newer pastures….. you end up being nice to a listening ear , compassionate person.. who gives what men always want .. admiration.. to  everything they do!!.. good ..intelligent.. great in bed.. nice company .. are all the well accepted norms  a man would want to hear….  All this without an ounce of commitment…… for any kind of relation..but believe me they get it too.. loads of them 😦

All they can end up saying is  ” I got Carried away!! ”  “I was trying to runaway from an imaginary problem to end up here!! ”  Nice to hear ??.. Men are too good at saying …….. ‘ why can’t she see I need her??”………. I come home to Good Hug and Hot meal.. Followed by hot meat 😉 ….. I do not want to change my lifestyle for her…….. I feel my life’s getting slotted into hers.. Common quotes??? Huh??…………….. “Men need to be applauded for what they’re bringing to the relationship, whether it’s sexually, romantically or financially,”

 “Often affairs are the angry response of the person not getting what he legitimately wants and needs from the marriage and feeling as if his partner just refused to give it,”……. How can we solve it???Big question??

Simple answer BeOpen .. Be honest… Ask … Don’t assume.. Be compassionate.. try and understand… give it Time.. and more so do not hate!!!


MEN behind EVERY Single woman!!

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Every article , interview, personal notes, biographies.. Autobiogrphies.. U name .. of any suucessful MAN.,  Talks of a woman behind Her!! … … but is it not the other way also!!

Woman is by nature is a simple in the outlook but can solve the complex maze of familial problems .. can crate an havoc if she intends too !!

” Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned ” 🙂  But at the same time A woman gets compared to mother earth ,  beauty, patience … Boss U name it and she has it that is the temendous mine of virtue galore a woman has!!

A Woman goes out of her way to be good to any one by her natural behaviour  but who cahnges her… belive me  a MAN  can change her into a monster . I just do not mean in terms of cruelty but aggressiveness too!!

If she has to be a crusader their has to be a burn somewhere tht made her so… I just am not saying it has to be a burn only!!

A father can pump all his un-nurtured  goals in to his pretty princess….

A Brother can be a solid wall of support for the baby sister!!

A beautiful love can nourish her way to Glory  too!!

But with these more than reality of events .. we happen to see

A Female child getting abused !

A Girl getting demoralised against a boy….

Society too sneers at Girl born!

A girl cheated by a man goes all the way to prove her self in the most contemptuous manner…..

Two faces of the same coin.. where the girl can be nourtured!! she gets forced into proving her worth…

Just like the  fact that  A dessert bloom also looks Vibrant …. unique…with all the rough weather… as pretty as a rose nurtured !!!

Tht was just a thought of a Broken mind!!


His and Hers ……….!!! Worth it???

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Most commonly seen on Wedding collection of Watches….. Bathroom towels of your hotel …. rgt??? Going further Real estate buddies are predicting the boom in apartments with two Master Bed rooms with  ‘ his & her realms ‘…… to look forward to!!!

 Sounds funny??? No it is not a Joke …. Married couples are writing new set of rules into thr wedding bliss…. With  number of female counterparts  rising in the professional rung and men who want a         ‘ working ‘ wife………. More so with the on-site interaction work happening which  bridges the gap between seven seas and work flow gets into the late working pattern….. People are finding paucity of  time to catch few winks …… let alone enjoy the Beauty sleep… You still are Lucky being single .. you can hop into bed the moment you reach home!!

Married people are facing lot of problems …. Spouse snoring….. young children ….  spouse waking up in the middle of the night… list goes on….. and people feel its a real bliss if you can get a mattress away from all to drop dead on bed!!!

Men .. the survey has shown are not keen on changing into these new habit of having separate bedrooms for couple.. where as good percentage of women feel its Romantic [I wonder!!]  and helps in rekindling the affair…

U know…………..    Your Bed or Mine  😉   types !!!  Giime a  Break!!

With lot of women thinking on being too individualistic and are really craving for that         ‘ Space ‘ in the relationship I really wonder days are not far away when pre marriage arrangements include  finding two Apartments in a building to house the husband and wife !!

What say???

 Far fetched idea??? You never know!!

Men…. Would Stop Loving???

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Now!! Ever wonder what would happen??……..

Quite a lot of recent studies have shown that Youth of today are not ready to fall in love !! Surprised ?????? but .. appalingly fact seems to be too good to be true!!  Reasons???…. ..Loads of them…  Girls themselves too!! 😉

Most of the college going youth,  I am talking of the degree set!! are of the opinion that the girls prefer guys who have bike.. to take them around … Looks that can be shown off to peers… someone who can shower them with gifts galore …. Boss !!!! Do boys get tired of these things..??

Office romance is no different story……people are power and recognition hungry!! Status quo conscious etc.. So its a sure pitfall for Romance 😦

Biggest dismal effect that is happening is people are getting hooked on to the wolrd’s oldest profession …….. 😉 Need I say it??

One of the young senior IT professional feels the Sex workers are a better way to quench the primal thirst of the human body than getting into the complex Human bonding called LOVE !!!  Sad rgt??? but candid and dismal opine!!

Whats so alluring about them that can not be sated right at home …  I really mean Home here … as the extra-marital intimacy buds here too!!!! Its an easiest option to let the feelings and the desire satisfied with no strings attached kind of relation than to expose yourself to a burning love affair that can be really burning hole into the heart!!

Youth are finding lot of heartache can be saved and life can move on on their  terms rather than  have  a nagging girlfriend tagging along wherever you go and whatever you want to do!! and who knows over a period of time you may find the whole thing did not ‘Click’ at all !!!

I really do not know where the Romance heading!! Any clues?? Post me  a comment!!!