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Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway!!!!!

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Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers is a book that helps people to accept fears and live their life the way they want to live it.  So that they can get away from pain, paralysis & depression… start living with power, energy, and enthusiasm.

First of all we need to meet our fears – “Fear is holding you back from experiencing life the way you want to” then categorize it as per three levels of fear

 1) Level One Fears: Fear that permeates many areas of our life (Those that “Happen” – aging, becoming disabled, etc. and those that “Require Action” – changing careers, loosing weight, etc.)

2) Level Two Fears: These fears have to do with our “inner state of mind” rather than our exterior situations – rejection, success, failure…

 3) Level Three Fears: I can’t handle it! (At the bottom of every one of our fears is simply the fear that we can’t handle whatever life may bring us).

 Secondly we need to realize Fears never go away –  Basic truths of fear are…

 Truth #1 – The fear will never go away as long as you continue to grow.

 Truth #2 – The only way to get rid of the fear of doing something is to go out and do it.

Truth #3 – The only way to feel better about yourself is to go out…and do it! Make deposits into our self-confidence bank.

 Truth #4 – Not only am I going to experience fear whenever I’m on unfamiliar territory, but so is everyone else.

 Truth #5 – Pushing through the fear is less frightening than living with the underlying fear that come from a feeling of helplessness.

  Some quick checklist for all …………

  • We don’t blame others for anything we are being, doing, having, or feeling
  • We do not beat up on ourselves
  • We are aware of when we are not taking responsibility so we can change
  • We are handling the “chatterbox” in our head
  • We are aware of the payoff that is keeping us stuck
  • We are setting goals and working towards them
  • We understand that we have choices in any given situation
  • When we learn to handle our fear, we move from a position of pain to one of power!
  • If you are positive you attract positive people.
  • Seek out for mentors & friends
  • Strive for healthy assertiveness..
  • Appreciate others when they are supporting you & help you grow.
  • Be your own best friend.
  • Learn to trust that we will survive, no matter what happens.
  • Create richness for yourself that nothing can ever take away your basic sense of completeness.
  • Consciously accept what is happening in your life.
  • Tune your subconscious mind
  • Best of all Be Patient

 Last but not least!!  Be the kind of person you would want to surround yourself with.

  • Give Away Thanks
  • Give Away Information
  • Give Away Praise
  • Give Away Time
  • Give Away Money
  • Give Away Love



Thanks!!!! A Great Feeling

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Vandane…Shukrian…Shukran… Dhanyavaad…Mehrbani…Merci….Arigato..Gracia….. Gràcies…. Abhari ahi…..Romba nanringa…… Dhanyavaadaalu…..THANKS !! an expression of gratitude????

The word “gratitude” and the word “grace” come from the same Latin word, “gratus”, meaning “pleasing” or “thankful.”

How many of us have heard small kids say..’Thank you aunty’ ..’Thank you Uncle’.. and you ask them who taught & prompt comes the reply ..Mommy / Daddy.. rgt????  Most of parents are hell  bent upon teaching  new borns to say Thanks.. But how many of us are Really doing the same???..Saying Thanks ??? Not many … one survey conducted said hardly a small percentage of people say thanks..I am certainly not talking about feeling of thanks..May be yes!! most of us do feel it…  But saying it Loud and Clear…  ” THANKS “

Most of the relationships miss saying Thanks.. b’coz we take them for granted!! we try to think they know how we feel … we let them take a guess.. but I am damn sure its lot more easier,  to say those simple sweet two words  Thank You ‘

Say “Thank You” for anything and everything in your life.

I have also heard that saying ‘Thank you’  makes lot of feel good harmones flow in our system and makes us feel great!! So Now we can say thanks not for others but for ourselves rgt??? 😉

Psychologists around the world have found that having an greatful attitude is good for overall well being..A study has proved that people who were thankful have experienced comfortable emotions than those who cribbed on life’s hassels…..   🙂

There is ‘ Thanks giving day ‘ for celebrations … may be that is a good reminder for all of us that how much we are using ‘ Thank you’… Once an year …. Should we not be Thankful for everyhing in our lives..Each day  at that.

Philosophically speaking there are so many people who are more underprivilaged than most of us.. but how many of us are really thankful for whatrever we have in life?? Even is that might be a small thing for us… it may be a life’s need  for someone else !!                                                                                                                                                         

          THANK YOU  !!!


Though I have a big list of things to thank for … now  I say Thanks All those who have read my musings ….if at all I have touched few hearts I am more than glad.

Thank you