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Money…. is what money does!!!

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Money isn’t Everything ….. is the …. Greatest philosophy of people who does not have it… ..  

There is Jewish proverb that says “ With Money in your pocket, You are wise… You are Handsome and You can sing well too”…. 

Money is what Money does….

That’s all…. Now can you believe that?? There are people in the world who do not know what they want to do with the money if they have money… the just to have it … Ooops have lots of it.. but here again they do not know  how much lots of  it is…. .. U see if the reason of having money is just for the heck of feeling rich… believe me either you do not get to earn that kind of money or that the money will make you feel lost…  

Guess what ??  You need to have a compelling reason to have Money… and more so… the quantifying amount of money.. Most of us are uncomfortable to quantify money .. How many of us can Dream…… having a million in the bank account…. But all of are very comfortable in saying … Big bank balance?? Now how BIG is Big?? 

People have hell lot of reasons to NOT  to think of money…… They say if you concentrate on money making….you lose on family … Friends….. Joys of life …even peace of mind… sounds common isn’t ?? 

Why can we not think of saying …… This amount of money .. can bring so much of  comfort to family… We can meet friends often…. We can ensure joys of life and thus have stress free mind???

 Have a purpose in the pursuit of making money then its not the money that drives the life. It’s that compelling reason…..Money by itself is nothing.. ….Sure…. BUT it’s a fabulous machine that  can make us get so many things…… 

So use money only with a reason….. then it becomes powerful….serves all the purpose in life… Do not desire money … but have passion for what money can fulfill… then is when you are using money only as a tool to achieve your purposes in life!!

 What so ever the Compelling  reason to earn money … if one is not passionate about the reason…. Or if one has not discovered the reason to earn money ……You can not earn Money…

So  ……  Unleash  your desires….. Discover your compelling reasons to have money…. The sooner you do it… you will find ways to have Money….

One last thing…….. Make your reasons  progressive ….. and you will see your channel for earning money just widens…..

That’s MY  thought process…. You need not do it… I am not  the Loser……



Times of India Drives !!! The Country

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People are yet to forget the Ad created by Times group ….. ” India Poised “ with Amitabh Bachchan….. that great thounderous voice which pulsated the hearts of youth India….

TOI  has  come up with the next best Ad campaign with none other than king Khan to voice   ” Lead India ”   … to enthrall the youth… and make them spring into action …

Rest is to Wait.. and Watch the respones … of ……. Responsible Citizens…..


My hand at photography!!

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‘ Graphy’?? Representation!! .. Expression!! But combined with an art ‘Foto” can be potent mixture..I am trying!!.. as usual ………………     To get hang of this form of science!!

I started ‘ My – Flickr ‘……….Nagaje_lens’ my first shots.[  Scroll  on the right u  C ]……… Lets see how I can grow my repository!! I will want to be a ‘Pro’ but then each one has to take toddler’s steps rgt??? …

I have  started my crawling I want to sprint though 😉 Will update as often as possible…


Take your road to heaven !!!!!

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How many of us are happy with our jobs???……Le’mme take a guess!! … Not many ………

In fact when it comes to JOB …………..I am damn sure nobody is happy …….  

There is something they keep looking out for in the name of career pathing…. .. Or whatever…Else how do you answer to the stifling problem Attrition????? Which each big buck company is striving hard to reduce??? 

Why does a job become dissatisfaction???? B’coz that’s not what we really want to do!! 

 Though most of the times some of us are not even aware of what we want to!! 😦 

Now why these side-tracked careers happen in the first place??!!?? Blame our up-bringing or our good old education system… there is no space for Innovation….. Thinking….Individuality. Let alone get passionate about anything at all……

 Many of us study to get a job or even professional career but are we really trying to tap the inert potential …. 

Believe me each of us are good …. Infact … We can best in some or the other ……. Human beings are GIFTED!! and have no doubt  on this… take a good look at yourself…… I do  think you do trust yourself!! 🙂 

There are enough of people out there who had everything going good who bought a flat and a fancy car and fat salary with loads of platinum credit cards to add spice … but one fine day they left everything and took their road to heaven….. and believe me it was the road least expected!! Daringly different and that gave solace to their lives!!  

The change in career was entirely 180 degree shift …. IT to a Restaurant Owner.. IIT to Catering….. HR to Drama….Quality to Marketing….Advertising to Holistic healing… hmm… now that’s what I call CHANGE!!! 

 And all they can say is the inner craving … childhood dream….everything seemed dull and drab… it just happened one day….. kinds….Well any regrets … BIG HECK NO!!! Never want to return back …….. and are content !! 

Wrote so much.. Am I content???? With what I am doing……….Hey boss that is what I am trying to scream out loud……   No I am NOT…..Are you …???? I know U are not too………….;-)

 Time to take a look  at what you are doing  !!! and think what you want to do!!

Hopes Die hard!! Anybody can help too!!!!

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There was this person with extreme illness lying on bed on seventh  floor of the hospital building in a  special  room, the bed was  close to the window …                                                                          

But because of the massive construction he was not  able to see  anything outside the window  except the wall  on the opposite  building and the water  pipes  that  ran  along the  length of the whitewashed wall and was  streaked with the fungus that must have grown for years  


The whole of the room had that dull and grey look about it that would kill a dead body too let alone refresh an ailing patient …..                                                                      

Day was filled with the doctors and nurses visiting the patient and trying to reassure the relatives it will be alright he will recover only he needs to be reassured …. he needs  love to live…….. 



But being the best of  rainy  days the room was turning more grey and gloom and that  could not liven up the patient at any cost he was lying on bed watching it pour for hours …..                                                                   


Everybody was worried how to bring fun into his life  so that he can be made to live but nature had its own way of making things better showing its supremacy over the mankind ……                                                                            


There was a little climber along side of the  water pipe that looked like   yet another mud streak that filled the wall like graffiti ….                                                                                          


One morning was made beautiful as this thin climber sprang into life  with two small  leaflets  brownish green in color…. so vibrant … full of life.. 



And it  caught the patient’s eye and he was all joy with beauty  of those  tiny  representatives of life in front of him … He looked At its growth all day and his joy knew no bounds when he found that leaves were adding up day by day he watched  their growth as elixir to his own life ……………                                                                         


Doctors were surprised at the improvement of his health and the relatives were all thanks to this small little plant outside the window by the side of his bed… that gave him happiness…..                                                                         


Again nature had its own designs that night storm broke loose and their was heavy downpour but not as heavy as the patient’s heart which sank  by every passing minute as the wind blew whistles shaking the little plant and as hours passed by he witnessed the wind withering one leaf after another and his heart sank so low  that everybody  could see him deteriorate in front of their eyes….                                                                           


All the relatives prayed the rain would stop or it would stop felling of the leaves so that the patient was not so disturbed by it as he was due for an surgery next day that would decide his life!!!        


With the heavy eyelids battling against sleep the patient tried to sllep hoping that one single leaf that was still  on to the climber will be their when he wakes up….. he could still hear the wind blowing harshly across and that left a small tear drop in his eyes even as he slept……


Next morning was as vibrant with the clean fresh air..and bright and sunny.. as the patient opened his eyes first thing he saw was the leaf on the opposite wall and the bright green color it was shining…. he was alll happy and set to ge to the operation theater and with good signs of health….. 

Only small smile crossed the lips of a relative ….. who spent half the night in the pouring rain… to draw  and paint the bright greeen leaf attached to the climber on the opposite wall that brought smile to the patient’s face……that his Small deed with loads of good intention had after all paid off!! that brought HOPE into the patient’s face!!!!

Big story I heard in my child hood ….. great lesson that can be learnt!! Another dull evening in my life that gave me so much of time ……. 🙂  Enjoy!!!