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101 – Affirmations By RichGrad

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What are affirmations??

Every thought you think every word you say is an affirmation All of our self-talk or inner dialogue is a stream of affirmations. We are continually affirming subconsciously with our words and thoughts and this flow of affirmations is creating our life experience in every moment.

Positive Affirmations!!

Positive affirmations and positive thinking techniques can help develop a powerful and positive attitude to life; which is an essential element in life success and good health. With this power you can turn failure around into success and take success and drive it to a whole new level. Your positive attitude is the fuel for your success.

Some of the  positive affirmations you can use in your daily life


Affirmations for Healthy Weight and Body Image:

– Today I love my body fully, deeply and joyfully.

– My body has its own wisdom and I trust that wisdom completely.

– My body is simply a projection of my beliefs about myself.

– I am growing more beautiful and luminous day by day.

– I choose to see the divine perfection in every cell of my body.

– As I love myself, I allow others to love me too.

– Flaws are transformed by love and acceptance.

– Today I choose to honor my beauty, my strength and my uniqueness.

– I love the way I feel when I take good care of myself.

– Today my own well-being is my top priority.

Affirmations for Self-Confidence and Self-Belief:

– Fear is only a feeling; it cannot hold me back.

– I know that I can master anything if I do it enough times.

– Today I am willing to fail in order to succeed.

– I believe that I have the strength to make my dreams come true.

– I’m going to relax and have fun with this, no matter what the outcome may be.

– I’m proud of myself for even daring to try; many people won’t even do that!

– Today I put my full trust in my inner guidance.

– I grow in strength with every forward step I take.

– I release my hesitation and make room for victory!

– With a solid plan and a belief in myself, there’s nothing I can’t do.

Affirmations for Abundance and Prosperity:

– I open to the flow of great abundance in all areas of my life.

– I always have more than enough of everything I need.

– Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

– Today I expand my awareness of the abundance all around me.

– I allow the universe to bless me in surprising and joyful ways.

– My grateful heart is a magnet that attracts more of everything I desire.

– Prosperity surrounds me, prosperity fills me, prosperity flows to me and through me.

– I exude passion, purpose and prosperity.

– I am always led to the people who need what I have to offer.

– As my commitment to help others grows, so does my wealth.

– My day is filled with limitless potential in joy, abundance and love.

Affirmations for Life Purpose:

– The better I know myself, the clearer my purpose becomes.

– My unique skills and talents can make a profound difference in the world.

– Today I follow my heart and discover my destiny.

– I am meant to do great things.

– I am limited only by my vision of what is possible.

– My purpose is to develop and share the best parts of myself with others.

– Today I present my love, passion, talent and joy as a gift to the world.

– I need not know the entire journey in order to take one step.

– I fulfill my life purpose by starting here, right now.

– My life purpose can be whatever I decide to make it.

Affirmations for Inner Peace:

– All is well, right here, right now.

– Peace begins with a conscious choice.

– Today I embrace simplicity, peace and solace.

– A peaceful heart makes for a peaceful life.

– I trust the universe to deliver my highest good in every situation.

– By becoming peace, I create peace in every experience.

– I am filled with the light of love, peace and joy.

– Peace comes when I let go of trying to control every tiny detail.

– Where peace dwells, fear cannot.

– Today my mission is to surrender and release.

Affirmations for Opportunity:

– Today I open my mind to the endless opportunities surrounding me.

– Opportunities are everywhere, if I choose to see them.

– I boldly act on great opportunities when I see them.

– My intuition leads me to the most lucrative opportunities.

– An opportunity is simply a possibility until I act on it.

– Some of the best opportunities are made, not found.

– Today I see each moment as a new opportunity to express my greatness.

– I expand my awareness of the hidden potential in each experience.

– Let each of my experiences today be a gateway to something even better.

– Each decision I make creates new opportunities.

Affirmations for Love:

– I am ready for a healthy, loving relationship.

– All of my relationships are meaningful and fulfilling.

– As I share my love with others the universe mirrors love back to me.

– I see everyone I meet as a soul mate.

– I trust the universe to know the type of partner who is perfect for me.

– Today I release fear and open my heart to true love.

– I am grateful for the people in my life.

– I am the perfect partner for my perfect partner.

– I deserve a loving, healthy relationship.

– I deserve to be loved and I allow myself to be loved.

Affirmations for Healing:

– I am strong and healthy.

– My energy and vitality are increasing every day.

– I open to the natural flow of wellness now.

– My inner guidance leads me to the right healing modalities for me.

– Abundant health and wellness are my birthright.

– Thank you for my strength, my health and my vitality.

– I am feeling stronger and better now.

– I love taking good care of myself.

– Today nurturing myself is my highest priority.

– Thank you for the opportunity to balance my mind, body and spirit.

Affirmations for Inner Clarity:

– Today I awaken to my higher wisdom.

– My inner voice guides me in every moment.

– I am centered, calm and clear.

– I always know the right actions to achieve my goals.

– When I know where I’m going, getting there is a cinch!

– Today I am completely tuned in to my inner wisdom.

– Harmony is always a sign that I am balanced from within.

– Thank you for showing me the way to my dreams.

– I trust my feelings and insights.

– I am detached and open to divine guidance.

Affirmations for Self-Love:

– I am filled with light, love and peace.

– I treat myself with kindness and respect.

– I don’t have to be perfect; I just have to be me.

– I give myself permission to shine.

– I honor the best parts of myself and share them with others.

– I’m proud of all I have accomplished.

– Today I give myself permission to be greater than my fears.

– I love myself no matter what.

– I am my own best friend and cheerleader.

– Thank you for the qualities, traits and talents that make me so unique


I look forward to hearing about all the positive changes you’re about to experience.



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Detachment !! Love more ??

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Detachment—like love, it’s a state of being …Detachment is about the soul leaving everything behind and ‘journeying’ to its Lord.
One of the reasons I took to the concept of detachment like a duck to water was that I was compelled by the argument that,

When you  are in love—with a person or a thing—is that it becomes the centre of our inner universe. .Over a period of time that person’s  world began to stop revolving around you. This causes friction because that person  will  still the centre of your universe.  Its an universal phenomenon In some way or other, it will change. You are sure to get into depression, you become desperate you feel like running away from everything .. Irony of the tragedy is that you know that is not the answer and is not possible.

Now take a different look at the situation.. nothing will ever change because you want it to change. You need to change …….. nothing in the world asked you to make a person center of our universe that is today making you desolate. Set yourself free… in fact set the person free rather than placing him/ her in the center of your universe binding or compelling them to be there.

Your identity will change your outlook will change the same person can become everything of your life now without confining to the space of your universe. you now become two independent but vastly interconnected people 🙂

There is a saying  “Live free of love, for its very peace is anguish; Its beginning is pain, its end is death.”


Thus  detachment is freedom. Freedom from the bonds of deluding and unrealistic expectations in relationships. To be detached is to let go, of that  anxiety-driven desperation demolishes you frantically want to preserve.

One should enjoy the beauty relationship without being caught in its possessive grasp. Possessiveness is a poison : whereas detachment lets you stand by yourself & still be an integral part  relationship.
It is more about giving space & having your own to explore. By being detached we can get out of that prison if false sense of protection and enjoy the limitless avenue that you can be proud of and soar into unbound horizon . Detachment by itself does not mean separation its just that its more care , faith & courage to an enriched wholesome relation.
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Building Positive Attitude is Easy… Shiv Khera says…….

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The gr8 Eight steps….. as said by SHIV……… 

 #    Change Focus, Look for the Positive

#     Make a habit of Doing it NOW

#     Develop an Attitude of Gratitude

#     Get into continuous Education Program

#     Build positive Self-esteem

#     Stay away from Negative Influences

#     Learn to like things that needs to be done

#     Start yoour day with something Positive.

” If you are going to change your life, you need to start immediately ” 

 So   Start off….. 


Hmmm…. Not all want to be happy!!

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How many of us Love Complaining…..??? Most of us… U know !! It’s most easy to say ….  

Hey.. I have a running Nose!!….. Now … what can your audience do to your Nose unless he’s a doctor.. …yeah??? 

But we all love to make silly complaints all along the day …. No matter who we are with.. right????  

Can we for a while think sit back and analyze … Nobody including us do not want to hear complaints … unless we are complainers.. too ….

By complaining we are not only spreading negative thoughts to the other person..  and also we are worsening our situation by consciously thinking more about it.. That is spreading the negative energy around us….  

Can we not make a conscious effort to talk only positive things so that we can make our environment also filled with the positive energy … that increase our potential and also the fact that we are improving the audience’s mind set also by forcing to make him look at only positive thoughts … 

Just give this a try .. and see how the world around us can become beautiful …….


Money…. is what money does!!!

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Money isn’t Everything ….. is the …. Greatest philosophy of people who does not have it… ..  

There is Jewish proverb that says “ With Money in your pocket, You are wise… You are Handsome and You can sing well too”…. 

Money is what Money does….

That’s all…. Now can you believe that?? There are people in the world who do not know what they want to do with the money if they have money… the just to have it … Ooops have lots of it.. but here again they do not know  how much lots of  it is…. .. U see if the reason of having money is just for the heck of feeling rich… believe me either you do not get to earn that kind of money or that the money will make you feel lost…  

Guess what ??  You need to have a compelling reason to have Money… and more so… the quantifying amount of money.. Most of us are uncomfortable to quantify money .. How many of us can Dream…… having a million in the bank account…. But all of are very comfortable in saying … Big bank balance?? Now how BIG is Big?? 

People have hell lot of reasons to NOT  to think of money…… They say if you concentrate on money making….you lose on family … Friends….. Joys of life …even peace of mind… sounds common isn’t ?? 

Why can we not think of saying …… This amount of money .. can bring so much of  comfort to family… We can meet friends often…. We can ensure joys of life and thus have stress free mind???

 Have a purpose in the pursuit of making money then its not the money that drives the life. It’s that compelling reason…..Money by itself is nothing.. ….Sure…. BUT it’s a fabulous machine that  can make us get so many things…… 

So use money only with a reason….. then it becomes powerful….serves all the purpose in life… Do not desire money … but have passion for what money can fulfill… then is when you are using money only as a tool to achieve your purposes in life!!

 What so ever the Compelling  reason to earn money … if one is not passionate about the reason…. Or if one has not discovered the reason to earn money ……You can not earn Money…

So  ……  Unleash  your desires….. Discover your compelling reasons to have money…. The sooner you do it… you will find ways to have Money….

One last thing…….. Make your reasons  progressive ….. and you will see your channel for earning money just widens…..

That’s MY  thought process…. You need not do it… I am not  the Loser……


Women R after all not from Venus…..

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It’s always assumed that women are the species from Venus!! ……. The Romance world…. Think again….. May be YES !!  for a girl its Flowers …. Gifts….. Soft Music… that gives the Romantic feeling…

but I say she knows where to draw the line….. & ….start thinking from the Grey cells… surprised??? But Ironically, that is the Truth….. 

Men can throw every other caution to wind…..  and sit brooding … though they may do it privately &  in the nights without any audience….  May be even howl like babies to sleep… They pine for their Love….They take longer time to get over their love than women…  

A study at University of Albany challenges  that its Women who aspire for achievements and are more focused than Men There are numerous Women out there who puts Career ahead to any Relationship….

Why is that so???. ……  Women are always preconceived to be recognized because of her relation to men…. Daughter … Friend…. Love….Wife….Companion….Mother…. Nobody  thinks of  women when you say  Engineer ….. Doctor….Pilot….Sepoy…

But think again …… the moment you hear … Cook ….. Maid… Nurse… Teacher….you definitely  visualize  Women….  Is that why  Women are striving to make it in their Careers???? Not in relationships???? 

Something to munch….. on…. relaxed Weekend !!!

My hand at photography!!

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‘ Graphy’?? Representation!! .. Expression!! But combined with an art ‘Foto” can be potent mixture..I am trying!!.. as usual ………………     To get hang of this form of science!!

I started ‘ My – Flickr ‘……….Nagaje_lens’ my first shots.[  Scroll  on the right u  C ]……… Lets see how I can grow my repository!! I will want to be a ‘Pro’ but then each one has to take toddler’s steps rgt??? …

I have  started my crawling I want to sprint though 😉 Will update as often as possible…


A girl & her Insecurity!!

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Just another prattle of an Idle mind….A little story that goes with love and relation…..

There is this Boy who is out of home this weekend on a personal/professional  work.  Girl is pretty much aware of the situation, it is the work that pulls him to go out on these trips but riduculously she starts feeling insecure .

Specially when the girl never meets him over the week not having him around in the weekend should not be making any difference Ideally!! But the fact that both seem to keep weekends busy themselves brings a large disconnect between them for quite sometime, probably.  Best part is Girl is more bothered on these issues than the guy!! Not a big wonder 😉  rgt?

There is always talk about things getting better.. with more expectations added up … everytime .. nothing turned in to miracle…So it  was obvious that they weren’t going to be getting together.

 She calls him tells she is finding it difficult to accept that they are not meeting and tht she gets this wierd idea that he does not want spend time with her… He assures her that no such thing infact he wishes to spend time nad at the last minute both plan elsewhere!! She feels he is right & tells him everything is alright now!! She fels good!!

It’s Difficult for the Girl to hide all those girly feelings…. insecurities…. But nature ??? Girl is a Girl … & one can not keep acting to be sane when it is actually not so…..She always feels he does not know what bothers her, or that she is giving this relation too much of space.. or she even thinks the relation is existing only because of her…there is kind of no fire in the relation… She feels the boy is immersed in his own sea of worries…. no time for her!!

He does not make an attempt to call her and Y not! he had his stuff going great … but the girl has this butterflies in the stomach and is sure that something is clearly missing….. 

 But Now Giril is a girl as I said !! Can We really help her????

Thts another musing….

It just needs you to be happy

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Happiness is  just a state of mind for feeling Good!! and I  am really impressed by this saying ……..

True happiness arises, in the first place, from the enjoyment of one’s self, and in the next, from the friendship and conversation of a few select companions.Joseph Addison

I always have sticked to the age old belief of mine that you are first person you can ever be with and as long as you can not be at peace with self and try to seek happiness  within U you will NEVER find happiness on the face of this earth

I have read this quote too 😉 Never ask a man about happiness until his death!!

Jokes apart …. How to be happy ?? First thing u need is to UNDERSTAND yourself ….. that might sound funny….  believe me ironically that is the most difficult  of jobs 🙂  Once you get the clarity as to what you are and what you want really do in life then I guess nobody can stop your pursuit to happiness…

Most of the time I have come across people who are not even aware of why they are doing something… No doubt that most of the times… you get trapped in some profession by most unavoidable vital forces in life that you get into the flow of life  but as long as we recognise that its just a small chunk of life … which can be called Breadwinner !! and there has to be something else that can satisfy the unknown inner craving!!

Its of course very rare that you get a proffession that really can give you the satisfaction of life… so its  totally up to us to get time off  from the rut of routine and try to do those small / BIG deed that can kinda give some solace to the soul…

The moment we start depending on others for our happiness then they become the epicenter of our happiness controlling when  and why we should be happy Now!! thts not correct … How can we allow some one else to take a decision on our happiness … We can not outsource our happiness .. thts not done… Some amount of introspection is what it takes to find path to happiness……

You agree??

In constant search for emotional security!!

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What’s  security got to do with Emotions?? Is that a wonder.. Lemme tell you something ..  As long as  one feels secure with the emotions not going haywire…. Life really seems Beautiful.

More so I guess emotional security forms the pivotal issue with a woman…A  Relationship can give safety with lot of commitment .. uncoditional acceptance.. honesty trust can add up to feeling safe in a realtion..

Sometimes Physical  &  financial factors create lots of safe feeling of safety.. but they can be bargained aginst emotional feel of safety.

A woman feels sfe with a man who is sure of anything he does and achievess the expected results within the frame of time quoted.. that way she is sure of putting the belief of him…

A woman does not want any relationship that makes her feel  ” This is getting nowhere”  I can assure a normal girl/woman would do anything and everything for a relation that she feels safe in .. My word 😉 .. She needs to be with her man just to avoid he fear of being alone always its a feeling of safety tht two can wade the stormy waters than one!! Probably thts the reason woman craves to spend more time with her man!!

For a man the reason he love sher.. he is happy with her.. or even  wants to see her happy is more than an emotional factor and that need not be the integrity  of emotions.

Always woman is ready to wait to find out…if her man has interest in commitment to relation or really feels trapped !!! Believe me guys keep thinking on this note..U know.. ” woman are like electronic gadgets you buy one and realise you could have gone for a better model “ types!!

Man looks at a partner ” who understands him for what he is”  and accpte him as he is… If a bit of emotional grip comes from the woman he is in love with …. he starts feeling he should have found someone else.. or literally starts looking out for new person…. 😦

A love or a relation can happen when all this is taken care of!!  What say?? Not EQ but ES