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One life to Live / Love?? Proved!! Mehrunissa Khan — Princess of Rampur!!

Posted in Book, India, life, Losing..Love! by nagaje on December 24, 2008

If  you are a Princess…. you do not need any status symbol… YOU ARE ONE!! No proving required!! Proves Princess Merunissa Khan….

I rarely sit in front of  Boob tube… but was glad when I did there was this re-telecast of…. One life to Live…. There she was all grace personified… captivating… with the host of show…. Mehrunissa the Princess of Yesteryear’s…Princess of Rampur at her mid seventies… and still a beauty with translucent skin and chiseled features. 

She’s led an adventurous life across three continents….. exposed to the contradictions  of Muslim, Western, Indian and Hindu cultures….. with her life getting into the whirlwind through a bad marriage in Lucknow, a sudden ticket to London[ to be with brother ], deep love for a Pakistani Air Force officer, a forced fleeing to Spain and at last, an asylum in America.

She grew up in palaces, surrounded by jewelry  & riches, learning to hunt & shoot …….

Like most Indian women of that era,  she was forced into an arranged marriage which was so loveless that it ended in divorce. She went  to great lengths to get divorced.  It was rare for a Muslim lady to initiate a divorce she had to give up the custody of her two kids a boy & girl … Zain & Zaiba

She later fell in love with a officer from Pakistan, Since  Pakistani law forbade Pakistanis from marrying Indians, Pakistan’s President had to change the law to allow them to marry…. but Destiny had worst designed for her  .. her husband had to flee to France and finally took political asylum in US …. he went in to depression and their son got into drugs….  she lost her love …. and son also died at the age of 23 in a car accident!! This was  the second blow life could give her……

Mehrunissa …. the princess with royal blood … fought with desting sprang back into  life …… Started teaching Hindi & Urdu at Washington DC. Her house is still under mortgage but she is not the one to be shaken …. In her own words, “My tumultuous life has shaped me,” …..“I can make things move. I don’t give up easily.” ………  ” I love my freedom and what America stands for,” she declares.

She has tried to put all her life in ” An Extraordinary Life ”  … a good read!!

She shares her apartment with her daughter Mariam ….  She is in touch with her kids from first marriage!!

She wants to study!!….She loves music… She has bought an iPod… She aspires for little extra money..Has great  Zest for life!! She loves to dance  and is very sure her counterparts  sit watching her ready to kill… She wants to meet Amitabh Bachchan…..

 She says she feels like telling GOD I still have long life to live do not take me away…. ” There are never enough years ”  she says…….

 It felt great to see someone achieved so much …. has so much zeal for life… that my Life’s problems started to diminish at   that moment atleast!!

If I can do that in MY Life!! ….

Live life King Size [ Princess Size 😉 ] …. Tall order …. Yeah???

Only Time will tell !!



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  1. Anant Sharma said, on April 19, 2010 at 6:12 am

    I also by chance ended up seeing this telecast and must say, was moved. Even after having a life full of ordeals, the very fact that she was sitting there talking about it and smiling was commendable. She has an incredible zest for life from which we all ought to learn. And good luck to her for the remaining days. May she get so many joys to make up for the adversities she has faced in her life.

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