Trying to find answers!!!……Its all me at Grey cells ……. Unfinished thoughts

New words!! Can not create new world !!

Posted in Communication, Mutation series!!, Thoughts by nagaje on June 25, 2007



Vocabulary can expand limitlessly as it is just another expression of the mankind…. Which of course is growing beyond anybodies imagination [ I meant the population]

But then if one has to be happy with the coinage like “ bangalored”…. I am surprised…Read all about the new verb here!!

 I recently happen to read one more word that was I am really not sure was the brainchild of the journalism… ”Frinitis” …Does it ring any bell?? Believe me when I read this for the first time the only word that went in across my grey cells is the  “Praying Mantis ” [ I  was a biology buff during my school days  J ] Details 😉 here 

Now you must be waiting to know the meaning of the word before my opine on it..Details????

Frinitis : Friday Night Fever: Friday night is the time to hang your boots and go wild / paint the town RED..The youth are at the mercy of numerous addictions – gaming, shopping, the much evident mobile fixation …Now the latest is a virus called Frinitis causing “Friday night Fever”.

Are we really growing…….??? Really!!


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  1. stanley said, on October 24, 2008 at 8:48 am

    I am kind of looking to leave word for God that I am a bit lost. I am a bit interested in creating new worlds and such and am just leaving word to him that I am looking for him. I am a bit of a lousy programmer so I need his help, I know a bit about language grammar words and machines and would like to consult with God and have some interesting theories of programming a better interface to God… I am sometimes able to model this interface and talk to the voice of God in my head, The programming approach to language gives words more power and endows us with a greater ability to create. Its like great writers know how to reach our soul with words and touch people in a way beyond all boundaries of life. Perhaps it is enough I spread some ideas to others.

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