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Change…… It’s the spice of Life :-(

Posted in life, Mutation series!! by nagaje on May 11, 2007

Mutation ….… talks about change of the DNA sequence within a gene resulting in the creation of a new character or trait.           

I am certainly not talking about the Genetic change here but the change brought by so many pressing key factors of Life…. I have always saluted the quote “ Why does Life keep teaching me lessons, I have no desire to learn “……….NOW…. That’s Life .. Can anyone DARE???              

Life’s the Biggest challenge to mankind !!!! Ironically Life is what we live rgt?? …. Or is it like???               

“ Life is what happens to us when we sit brooding about the past or busy planning for the future”     

Why do people change in their basic behavior or Why does it become a culture shock one fine day ……in future??   

Lemm’e put it in simple words ………. People find it too spunky when they catch a girl blowing smoke rings in a Bar along with a large mug to go with……very few enjoy the scene and few snigger……

But Y do People change????? Any clues???? I have none !! Not that I have’nt changed!!! At times I have felt I have changed beyond recognition that my image in the mirror looks like a stranger to me!! 

There are lot of Events , Incidents , accidents happen in life … and depending on the Impact it has on a person’s cognition people change !!!

I have been brought up in a very safe and secure cuddly environment that even going out in the night was as good as a nightmare for me!! but over a period of time when I realised that there is such a long path of life that is tread alone!!  I started walking all alone and Yes I ended up being strong mentally to take care of all the deamons that were  inside me!!! Now that’s the learning I got … Can you tell that is the change!!Nopes .. Boss it is  Life’s learning!!! Some people Accept the change! Some Revolt….. Can you help it???

Once anybody understands that life is a constant change!! We start accepting change….. I fail to understand why we can not take people as they change too…  or at times we want them to change to suit our requirements!! rather funny rgt???Best of all I will tell you that you spend ages trying to change someone and when they change you do not like them anymore… Now That’s tragedy of life……..

Just another stupid thought series!!!! 


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  1. Mahesh Kulkarni said, on May 18, 2007 at 9:50 am

    Superb info about change which is the only word remained constant in the evolution of life.

  2. robia said, on June 8, 2012 at 9:28 am

    we want change………!!!
    we won’nt change….!!!!

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